WILDLIFE ROCKS - Brian May & Guests On 05/05/2014

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WILDLIFE ROCKS - Brian May & Guests On 05/05/2014

Postby SUBY1974 » 31 Mar 2014, 20:56

Brian May is performing at Guildford Catherdral Surrey for the Wildlife Rock concert. I will be going with my brother who is a huge Queen fan. I will take photos and I will put it on this board and I need to enlarge those Queen Exhibitons photos I went to in 2011. Its on the 5/5/2014 and anyone who wants to go here are the details on this website:-


It will be nice to see Brian May again.
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Re: WILDLIFE ROCKS - Brian May & Guests On 05/05/2014

Postby SUBY1974 » 12 May 2014, 21:56

Hi Innuendo and Sinner Girl, Been busy but will give a brief summary of the Wildlife Rock Concert which Brian May and others hosted. I went with my brother on the 5/5/2014. We both love Queen , love animals and in the early 90s and even today I am a bit of an environmentalist or eco warrior. Anyway it was a lovely sunny day and the train journey to Guildford, Surrey was smooth and we caught a taxi to Guildford Cathedral. It was quite strange that I picked a taxi where the taxi driver is die hard rock fan! My brother is used to knowing that the "unexpected" happens to me. The taxi driver raved on about New Model Army and how he did not like rock bands who were too materialistic. He said he found Queen "to camp" for him - whatever. He talked so much and we just sat there saying "Yeah" and it was obvious he was having a conversation with himself and he was wearing a football t-shirt on. Just before we got into the taxi, I asked him if he could take us to Guildford Cathedral for the rock concert and he said "Oh the cathedral? The one with the golden eagle or angel on top?" We later found it was a golden angel and I love angels. The concert compromised of two stages: - one outside the catherdral and one inside which we paid our tickets for.

As soon as we arrived my brother got out and the taxi driver said “He is in a rush to get to the mush pit” and my brother shut the door on me! Later my brother said “I thought you were going to get out the other side of the taxi”. Well we saw Brian May playing on the outdoor stage so we hanged around and took photos. Lot of Queen songs were played during the day from Somebody to Love etc. We saw a haystack in the grass with a HUGE python and two komodo dragons or lizards sitting next to them . The lizards were not even frightened of the python and I am thinking OMG . Well would you eat your reptilian cousins? I don’t like snakes and the guy who owns it said “If he wants to eat you, he will go for you!” in a cockney accent. Thank you very much and what a reassuring thought indeed! I told my boss the next day back at work about the pythons and she was so excited. She loves reptiles!

Then we saw Brian May come off the stage and talk to fans on the grass. He is so down to earth and approachable. I went up to him and he shook my hand. He said “Thanks for coming”. I was thrilled to bits, but my brother was too shy to approach him. Sahas like my brother and me are rather shy types. I said to my brother “You could have talked to him. Both of you went to Imperial College”. I have taken a few photos of Brian May.

Anyway we mainly stayed outside to listen the music and had vegan lunch. There were lots of stall with information about animal charities and we stroked a blind dog. It was very inspirational for my brother because he wants to work with animals and in the future he and I will be working together. It was wonderful to speak to an elderly lady about how guide dogs are trained and even though I am “cat mad” I did love the golden retriever puppy they are training to become a guide dog. These beautiful animals not just provide human companionship for humans but are so vital for people with sight impairment. They literally give the person’s quality of life back.

Well later we went in the Catherdral around 2pm and there was a lot of talk on animal conservations etc. The cathedral is so beautiful and its very modern and built in 1961 by the people of Guilford. Apparently in the 50s after our Queen became Queen at the coronation, the people of Surrey and especially school children donated 12p per brick for the church to be built. It is made of light stone and in the Norman Gothic style and the light was so beautiful, especially coming from the windows. Here is the wiki link of the church.


We has seen a young people’s choir singing Queen hits and Katrina form The Waves sang a few songs with an acoustic guitar player. She sang “Love Shine A Light” and she won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997 with that song.

Brian May came on with Kelly Ellis and I last saw them at the Royal Albert Hall in 2011. They have been on tour and they were in South Africa to help the Born Free Foundation which was set up in 1984 by Virgina Mckenna and her late husband Bill Travers and their son Will Travers. Virginia and her husband starred in the Born Free film.

Brian May played acoustic guitar and Kelly Ellis sang the Born Free song and other Queen hits and we sang along with her. The energy was awesome in the cathedral. So many good people came and all are passionate about animals. There was a hippy dude sitting next to me and I realized how much I missed my “hippie” days as an eco- warrior in the early 90s. Its hard to believe but I use to go around with sprayed green wild hair and use to go to a lot animal right marches and countryside fairs with my then best friend who was also hippish in those days.. My brother still calls me “the old hippy”.

Well later they finished their set and Virginia Mckenna and her son talked about the Born Free Foundation. A lot of the money was raised from these concerts to help animal charities like Born Free. It was also touching how they saved grey seals after the terrible winters storms that hit our coastline in the UK in Februay 2014 and I was very miserable during that time as the windy weather hit London. Its so nice it spring again.

We left the concert on a high and it was great to see Brian May again. He is a lovely man.

Cynthia and Dwana:- because of high energies in the church I captured amazing orbs phenomena in the church and I was telling my brother they are not here yet. My brother said the energy has to be high.

I have been looking at human and animal telepathy in recent months and by conincidence as we left the church we saw a stall and an advert on two people who do shows on telepathy. My brother was gobsmacked and said “How come of all places we find a stall like this?” Well the unexpected always happens to me and that is the power of synchronicity.

Here is a you tube clip of the concert:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S37Mitbgj1Y
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