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Ronan Keating

Postby Dwana Horner » 07 Sep 2017, 05:25

Last month the hubby and I were on that Solar Eclipse Cruise and our state room had the usual stuff, but the
TV had a channel for the ships radio station, we were on "The Oasis of the Seas'. The cruise director had his
daily radio show.. just a screen shot where you only heard his voice playing his favorite music.. all kinds.
Well one day he played "Livin' Each day" by Ronan Keating. The song was so beautiful I had to get my camera
and took a movie and waited till he said the name of the singer.
I had NO idea who this man was but the music hit me like a "Sledge Hammer". The cruise director's name is Tim
Conner.. talented guy had a disco party on ship and he has all he moves of John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever"
he was even in the same white suit.. :)

We were on the ship only a week.. took some great photos but when we got home.. I had to find that song
"Livin' Each Day" by Ronan Keating. I put It on my face book page and I play it back over and over. The video
was from a concert.. live done somewhere in England. It's one of those 'Feel Good" songs and play it back over
and over and each time it brings me to tears. It was done in 2002.. the same year I was in Ireland. I need to
get a print out of the words.. and put them in a page saver.
It was a concert done in Wembley Stadium. (I just check)
The Entertainment was DNCE "Cake on the Ocean" and Bonnie "Total Eclipse of the heart" Tyler.
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