My DNA ancestry markers

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My DNA ancestry markers

Postby Dwana Horner » 07 Aug 2016, 06:48

I decided this awhile back to test my ancestry background to see what I'm mixed with before this year
was over.
I grew up hearing this question ad nauseam "What are you" This year the hubby got one of those Ancestry DNA
test for me. It was just the size of a business envelope with two long Q tips that you swab the inside of your cheek.
You re place the Q tip sticks back into the sanitized envelope and you send it back to be tested. (the results take two
to three weeks.
Well a few days ago I get the test back I wasn't surprised about the highest genetic markers came from Europe and
the lowest genetic markers was from Africa. I have 13 DNA markers for Europe, the lower counts were South America,
Asia and Africa
I'm just posting the top five ancestry markers in my test:
1 Norway
2 Ireland
3 Croatia
4 Portugal
5 Germany

(I heard this voice in a dream telling me "You know you're also Scottish before I got the results
Scotland was #21 on the list

I told my closest friends about this test and posted the results on my face book page.
Ok big question.. what do I call myself now..? :D I see me as a "Hybrid" of a lot of European
races. One of my male friends joked about this "I'm going to have to think of a race to call you now."
I've known since I was 12 that I had an Irish Grandfather..

CONNECTMYDNA basic test cost $35.00..
I think I'll design a tee shirt listing what's in my genetic DNA and wear it proudly.
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Re: My DNA ancestry markers

Postby RobertaSparrow » 24 Aug 2016, 19:34

Dwana Horner wrote:...

I told my closest friends about this test and posted the results on my face book page.
Ok big question.. what do I call myself now..? :D ...

Well, I plan to do either the 23&me or the Genographic Project by National Geographic sometime in December, and aget a kit for my daughter as well, but I already know some of what it will find: Native American, Spanish, Norwegian, and French. My daughter can add to that, Scottish, Irish, and German, and who knows what else?

What else? I don't know. But I do know, anyone in this country, the United States, whose family roots have been here for more than a few generations, will be a mix of the world's gene pool. So what do we call ourselves? American. :)

And, as the Genographic Project points out, the human species originated in Africa.
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