John O'Donohue - To Bless The Space Between Us

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John O'Donohue - To Bless The Space Between Us

Postby Annie Elliott » 02 Feb 2014, 23:29

I'm overwhelmed that this was found to be offensive. To speak with compassion about death is not a crime in my world. However I certainly would never do so in this forum again.
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Re: John O'Donohue - To Bless The Space Between Us

Postby capo » 03 Feb 2014, 02:08

Frankly this post is not appropriate to this Forum or its ideals. I hope the moderaters will remove this post and inform the writer what this Forum is intended for.
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Re: John O'Donohue - To Bless The Space Between Us

Postby RobertaSparrow » 03 Feb 2014, 03:12

I have moved this post from the Forum Topic All Things Rory Related to Not So Much Rory Related. Although I myself don't find anything in it to be offensive or objectionable, it is not appropriate for the section where it was placed. I will defer to JimLED and JayJay for further direction, as there are other members who do like to discuss philosophical, spiritual, and metaphysical topics, but not everyone is comfortable with that, and their feelings need to be considered as well.

But there is enough room in the world, and our little corner of it, for other lines of thought, as long as we can all be respectful, thoughtful, and considerate about the feelings of all the members of our Rory community.

Perhaps a separate section for this topic would be in order, so those who do wish to discuss such things can have a little space of their own to do it. In the meantime, eyes on the prize- there's a party planned in Ballyshannon or so I have heard. ;)
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