Chris Thomas King- Strat v. Les Paul

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Chris Thomas King- Strat v. Les Paul

Postby RobertaSparrow » 26 Nov 2013, 07:37

Thought some might find this interesting- I've heard debates amongst those who play, Stratocaster v. Les Paul, and came across this-

Musician Chris Thomas King- Playing live versions of Baptized in Dirty Water- same player, same song, same style, similar set-up,
The main difference-


Les Paul

I think the strat wins, hands down, IMHO :geek:
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Re: Chris Thomas King- Strat v. Les Paul

Postby SUBY1974 » 15 Dec 2013, 18:56

Thanks for this Cynthia. I always like Chris Thomas King's version of Come On Into My Kitchen by Robert Johnson but these guitar styles are very interesting. I agree with you, the Strat wins hands down for the song Baptised With Dirty Water. It has more deeper feeling for the song and more expression. Its also sweeter in melody. The Les Paul is good but has a more hard edge to it. If I ever play an electric guitar in the future it will be a STRAT and maybe a telecaster. Subrata. x
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