You may or may not believe in Angels...??

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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby RobertaSparrow » 26 Feb 2013, 04:18

Hi Dwana and Suby,

Don't know how much of this sort of discussion the majority of the forum will stand. This kind of talk tends to freak some people out, but here goes-

I found the reference to Donal's dream. Donal has mentioned it in interviews before, I've read two versions that were similar, but differed slightly in detail, which to me makes them ring true to my way of seeing things:

Reads in part:

It’s gone 3pm, and Donal has to be at CIT shortly. He excuses himself to change, and then explains how he has come to be friends with the artist Frank Phelan. The night before Rory’s funeral, Donal dreamt that he was driving his brother somewhere. He dropped Rory off outside a large building, a palace. Rory went in, and Donal followed. “And I fell into a void. It was like a coma, I couldn’t get out of it. I was groping in the dark. There was a little pin light in the distance, so I went in that direction. And as I got closer, I saw what I can only describe as these massive holograms hanging down before me.”

Pushing his way through, Donal found Rory on the other side. He was among people who seemed to know him. He seemed well and happy. “I kept pleading with Rory to come back. I said, ‘everyone’s worried sick, this wasn’t supposed to happen’. But he kept saying, ‘no, this is where I want to be now, I’ve moved on’.

“So, when I sensed that he wasn’t coming back, I started crying. And he turned to me and said, ‘now you’ve blown it. Now they’ll know you’re not supposed to be here’.

“Then I woke, and the worst of it was, I had to get up and bury Rory.”

and another, an excerpt from a rival Rory site- the context is the story behind the cover for Wheels Within Wheels:

Well, I think it looks modern, it’s unlike any of his other album covers and at the same time it pays tribute to him, I think it acknowledges his passing as well. All of these things are kind of wrapped up in that painting.

Yeah. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the biography written by Jean-Noel Coghe. He contacted me not long afterward. He was quite friendly with Rory – they loved all things Fifties. One of the things they would often chat about was James Dean. Jean-Noel was coming over from France to see me, to talk about starting this book. He said “Did Rory leave anything for me?” I said “What are you talking about?” He said “We were discussing James Dean. Maybe something James Dean.” I said “Well, I’ll check Rory’s bedroom,” which still hadn’t been touched. Sure enough, I went to his bedroom and there was a poster of James Dean, but it was James Dean with all the death masks. I don’t know if you’re familiar with this poster. It’s quite…if somebody’s alive and they did a death mask, well it isn’t as scary perhaps. But James Dean’s poster…it was probably one of the factors that gave me the courage to go through with it, going forward with this painting. I was also in a dilemma. I had given a commitment to the artist that if he did go ahead – he was commissioned – that A) he, as the artist, would have full approval and B) that I would accept his work. I was just so happy to feel that I was fulfilling this end of it for Rory. And I thought “Well, artistically Rory would not like to be told to go back and remake an album,” so I had to treat it on artistic merit.

The night before Rory’s funeral, I had quite a vivid dream where I followed Rory. We were driving in this car towards this palace. He was invited to this palace, and I said “How come I didn’t get one?” He said “Well, you’re either invited or you’re not.” But I snuck in after him. I followed him down this long corridor, and this corridor had these huge paintings hanging from the heavens. Or from the ceiling, which seemed to be enormous. They were like holograms, they were so vivid. The colors, the image - very abstract. Eventually we came through the end of this long corridor, and it was like the south of France – parasols, it was happy hour and it was lovely. Rory was being greeted by these guys I knew, but I couldn’t, at that time, put names to their faces. He was happy, and he was radiant. I tried to encourage him to come back. I said “Everyone’s worried. Please just come back and show them how well you are and how happy you are.” He wouldn’t. He said “No, just go back and tell them.” I’m cutting this story short, but anyway the night I put this album together, I was quite exhausted. I said to Rory “I hope you’re happy now, and I hope the painting is right. I have to be brave about this one, but there you go. That’s all the recordings, and that’s the cover.” The following morning, I got an invitation in the post to an art gallery – which was extraordinary, because I’d never been invited to an art gallery. It was a beautiful brochure of the paintings I saw in that dream the night before we buried Rory. Which was very spooky. I went to the gallery two days before it opened. I couldn’t sleep. It was just the spookiest thing. The artist was there hanging the paintings. So I got talking to him. He was a seventy-year old man. I said to him “The reason I need to speak to you is I’ve seen your paintings before.” He declared to me “That’s impossible. This is my first ever exhibition, my first ever showing.” He said “I’m an architect. My wife made me give up my practice ten years ago. I’ve been living hand to mouth ever since, trying to make my paintings work. This is the first shot I’ve got at it. No one’s seen my paintings.” I said “I have.” He said “Well, if you’re so smart, see if you can describe the paintings, which are abstract.” It was uncanny. There are two portraits of Rory – I see Rory performing onstage; also, I see him in the heavens. It’s very hard to describe anything that’s abstract, anyway. He said “Do you realize what the painting’s called?” I said “It’s titled Rainbow Messenger.” He said “If you read mythology you’d know the Rainbow Messenger was Iris, who translated the wishes of the heavens to earthlings. This character Iris could go between and interpret what the heavens wanted on earth.” I do know Rory was an art fan, and was spending more time with art, and reading art books, in his last few years. I think he wanted to highlight art in some way, however small it might be. It was like Rory saying “Well, thank you for doing the one for me. Here’s a reward.” I’ve now got that Rainbow Messenger for my troubles. (laughs)

That is an amazing story! So Rory was sharing art with you, in turn.
Oh, very much. Yeah. Very much. I feel vindicated, in that respect. I knew my mother would hate the cover. She’s still coming to terms with the cover that’s on there. Hopefully, you’ll have the opportunity to see the original one day. When you look at the original, there are some elements of the side and face where you see green tinges – it’s almost like the west coast of Ireland.

To try to make the excerpts a little clearer I highlighted them in color, and the relevant quotes attributed to Donal I have put in bold.

In both excerpts Donal is discussing the dream in context of the Wheels Within Wheels album. I have to agree with their mother on that cover. I hate it too. I flipped the insert around so the death mask doesn't show. I know, it isn't really a death mask, but that is what it looks like. I'd be guessing, but if that was the cover that Rory wanted, it must be because he wants everyone to understand that he has moved on. But that is not the image I want to bring to my mind when I think of him. I prefer the way he looked in my dream, which was very much alive and, as Donal describes, radiant.

Sounds like he was having a good time at his "welcome home" party. :D

I learned to drive in Los Angeles. I don't know anyone who passed their driving test on the first try. :lol: I'd be a little suspicious of anyone who passed their driving test the first time. :D
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby Dwana Horner » 26 Feb 2013, 07:22

Maybe we should send private messages about this subject..we're the only one posting about this..I experienced a
lot of strange things the year Rory passed away. Some may have felt a pressence, someone "Watching" you. I know
I'm surrounded by Angels..most people aren't at ease talking about spiritual contact.. :roll: :roll:

(I had one of those "Corridor" dreams about Rory..I'm walking..the walls white as the inside of a coconut..blinding..
I pass three doors..I get to the fourth one..he swings open the door smiling at me..I hug him so tight that all the
love inside my heart for him exploded like a supernova..none of the doors had markers..I knew which
door to stop infront of..just knew. 8-) 8-) )
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby SUBY1974 » 02 Mar 2013, 20:59



She walks softy and slowly,
Treading carefully, barefooted on the moist dew cover grass.
Crystals in her hair,
Like tiny star like droplets of clear quartz that glint in the sun.
Strings of shimmering beads of amethysts
are gently wrapped around her delicate wrists.

Her gown is of an embroidered lace,
Of pale blue turquoise, woven from gossamer and silk threads.
She wears a perfume of fragrant rose water scent.

Indigo and violet butterflies gently touch her face
With their silent heartbeat of their wings.

She sits quietly among green moss covered rocks and
gently watches the sparkling purity of the stream
passing by.
The air is cool and crisp.
The morning has a hush ethereal beauty,
As birds of rainbow paradise sing to celebrate life itself.

Her aura shines out with a golden glow,
as she holds a white rose in her hand,
Covered in dew drops on its soft white petals.
She unwraps the smell slowly and breathes in its aroma,
And then she closes her eyes.

Heaven and bliss is here.
No one must disturb her joyful silence and peace.

Copyright Subrata Saha ( February 2013)
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby Dwana Horner » 07 Mar 2013, 05:24

Just amazing and you posted this on "Rory's Birthday"..
I can "See" images of every a "mental miror" showing me,
every blade of grass, a moving water color painting,
shining in the sunlight..illumnating my every thought.
Taking my breath away.
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby SUBY1974 » 07 Mar 2013, 23:35

Hi Dwana. I am glad you like the poem. I did not realise I had posted this on the 2nd of March. I don't remember and thats the God honest truth. OMG!! Anyway my writing journey continues and I am learning an awful lot. I think I am destined to write. I am a part of an amazing creative family and live in an amazing creative city like London. Writing and books have become a love affair for me. I love the English language. I have specific goals and I believe women can achieve anything that they want to. I am a visionary ( Pisceans usually are), I work very very hard and I am very , very, very determined. Since December 2012 I have turned a corner in my life and I am beginning a new phase. I have new inner strength to succeed. For Susie its the same as well. Subrata. x
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby RobertaSparrow » 08 Mar 2013, 04:04



Nice poem Suby, I like the peaceful imagery :)
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby SUBY1974 » 28 Sep 2013, 22:19

Hi Roberta and Dwana

Two poems I wrote on a dream I had of them. Enjoy. I will be reading them at BIG LITERATURE FESTIVAL tomorrow. Subrata. x


The sun shines with a golden glow of light
of iridescent beauty .
Running down a flight of marble staircase of an Italian villa,
down the ornate white steps to the grounds below.

The carved ornate marble water fountains greet me with
sound of crystal waters forming an arc of water spray
high in the blue glow of the sky.

Swishing sound of Goldfinches
wing outstretched meet within the arc,
Visica Piscis meet in the middle,
Two circles meet entwined by love,
Their spinning wheels of energy meeting as one.
Yellow, black and bright red heads,
Their plumage of colours blaze
in a war paint of love.

Goldfinches meet in happiness
Their touching sweet beaks in a kiss of song.
My soul desire with my love twin flame is complete.

By Subrata Saha ( Copyright Sept 2013)


Whispering leaves of green that reflect
in the water colour purity of a rippling stream.
Green serrated leaf like drops rustling in the wind
with silent telepathic and secret messages of love.

The Willow bound to Mother Nature,
Ruled by the Moon Goddess of the night,
Connected to the feminine divine of strength, wisdom,fertility and joy.

Willow stem tattoo pattern on my hand,
The henna pattern runs deep into my skin,
Its mysterious meaning, spiralling,
curving with feathery sensuality.
The stem branch will never bend or break,
oozing energy sap of strength to keep to one’s life path.

Powerful in the mighty winds of one’s ego and forces of nature.
Keeping my inner light eye pristine clear.

Healing bark that heals the pain in my psyche,
Your strong roots run deep into the Mother Earth,
Entwined with my root chakra of my inner core.

By Subrata Saha ( Copyright September 2013)
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby SUBY1974 » 23 Aug 2014, 21:30

My poetry book for Mother Earth and Mother Gaia is coming well. Its the way I see nature and Mother's beauty. In the last two years I seem to seem to love nature, plants and animals twicefold. This my poem on The Blue Butterfly I wish to share. Subrata. x


Sitting on Collard Hill,
inhaling the intoxicating smells of lavender, orchids and wild thyme.
I gaze at the richness and beauty of English summertime.

The sky is of a clear blue.
The wispy clouds of white not to be seen anywhere.
Summer infusion of sounds and smell brings my senses alive.
I am waiting patiently for a friend.

I sit alone on this hill.
The grass is like a velvet carpet under the tips of my fingers.

I see patchwork of fields of green, red, gold
stretching into the distance.
The heat of Mother Earth, causing waves of energy evaporating into the air.

Swallows fly swooping and catching insects on the wind.
The cool summer breeze caresses my face.

I am still waiting patiently fort my friend.

Then I see her…
A sign of gathering blue.
She is of perfect, symmetry and design.
Her wings aligned,
A mirror image of each other.
Fluttering in the breeze as she lands on a lavender fresh.
Dark black veins that light up under the sun rays.
She the brightest of electric blues.

I hold my breath and do not stir.
I do not wish to disturb the silence.

She unwinds her proboscis ,
Taking up the sweet nectar of the flower,
That nourishes her with life.
A true blue beauty of nature she is.

She now sits delicately on the palm of my hand.
We sit together for an eternal moment,
And then she takes flight and is free.

I am glad I waited patiently for my friend.
My soul has been set free.

By Subrata Saha ( Copyright 13/08/2014)

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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby SUBY1974 » 23 Aug 2014, 21:32

Catus Petasatus (Latin for Cat)

A coat of soft velvet grey,
A tail tipped like an artist’s brush
Two oval almond shaped eyes of translucent
opulent green.

Ears alert to every sound, movement and whisper,
A body as lithe and agile as an athlete
Leaping high and far into abyss
To land with perfect poise and grace.

My four-legged companion
Of Ancient Egyptian blood descent
Standing proud like the Godlike Bas
Gentle heart of gentle gold
Every purr, every murmur
Affection no bound.

Dusk dwells
Midnight moon abound
Cat-eyes glowing in the dark, luminous.
Warrior –like stance about to strike
Claws like blades
No escape, no where to hide,
You are the hunter feline
And I am your prey.

By Subrata Saha (Copyright 2009)
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Re: You may or may not believe in Angels...??

Postby Dwana Horner » 28 Aug 2014, 17:01

Beautiful words Subrata and I can "see" the images in my head like that song by the KLF and the song "Justified and Ancient" .
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