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Postby Gaz » 16 May 2010, 12:38

Rory fan Slash has a new album out...well worth a listen! ... ide-238767
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Re: Slash

Postby jimmcc » 16 May 2010, 13:06

Hi Gaz Ive just downloaded it and will give it a listen.there is onl 14 tracks on it although your review lists 16 tracks

Re: Slash

Postby Rick K » 11 Jun 2010, 20:55

My two favorites are the ones with Lemmy and Iggy. I like the fact that he recorded with Izzy Stradlin again for this album. Would love to see Izzy tour with Slash and watch them mix it up. I also love the fact that you can listen to all the songs on Slash`s site without already buying them. I listened to them and then bought the CD. It just came today, and has Alice Cooper(also) on one of the bonus tracks. All kinds of guests on here.

This link will give you all the songs(except 2 bonus tracks) for complete listening( in lower right hand area): ... site-basic

I like the one with Iggy best:

"We`re all gonna lets get high"
"We`re all gonna let`s be nice"

..........and finally a Fergie song that I can stomache.......I even LIKE it.....Paradise City(remake).......

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Re: Slash

Postby geekfreak » 12 Jan 2014, 18:33

That's a great first album. The follow up is amazing. Slash is a rock & roll icon. An amazing live show to.
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Re: Slash

Postby blues blooded » 22 Jul 2014, 19:00

Slash is a great guitar player. Love the album
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