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I just had to mention this above book and I recommend it for reading especially for Bob Dylan fans. I was at a Bookcrossing meeting last month in Balham at a pub in London where we discuss and swap books. Rory knows about my interest in acoustic blues and folklore and traditional music is increasing. Anyway I was talking to my writer pal and I sense Rory beside me. I am sure Bookcrossing would interest him as he loved books as much as I do. Well I had a sudden instinct to look down at the table and there was this book on Bob Dylan. I was bit amazed but then remembered Rory is a huge Dylan fan. Took the book home and it has been a joy to read. Suze Rotolo ( RIP) is an amazing writer and the way she brings Greenwich Village, New York alive from the 60's is just enchanting. It was such an artistic place. Really creative environment. I wish I had been there. I mean I love New York. The book has great reference to folklore music, which is great for my learning. Its a great biography on Bob Dylan and I love the fact that Suze Rotolo was such an independent, private but talented woman. Something I aspire too and Rory wants me to aspire too I believe. I mean I want to be recognized for my future books but I still want to lead a normal life. Wonderful book and I highly recommend it. Thankyou Rory. Subrata. x
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