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Postby SUBY1974 » 29 Apr 2011, 22:37

Here is a link for the punk rock band Seafieldfoxes based in Scotland. They performed at Haddows Festival in Scotland earlier in the month. I am friends with Liz ( the singer) and Susie ( guitarist). They love Rory and it was Susie who introduced me to Rory. In the beginning of this clip you see the band perform - they love to dress up and Liz is wearing a Marilyn Monroe outfit and Suise is behind her on the guitar. You can find the band on myspace easily. Liz also gives an interview. They are singing Moon Ring. Enjoy! Subrata.x

P.S I am now back from Cork and will tell all of my travels and on Sunday I am seeing Brian May at the Royal Albert Hall. Will tell all next week with pictures. I have to dash now as you all by now know I am one hell of a busy woman!!

Hope you all enjoyed the Royal Wedding. I feel people in the UK have been very uplifted by the days events. Takes the gloom out of the recession. It was a very modern royal wedding by a very modern royal couple. I really enjoyed it! Take Care.
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