"The Gospel According to U2" at my church sunday.

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"The Gospel According to U2" at my church sunday.

Postby Dwana Horner » 14 Mar 2011, 17:06

Well this was interesting.. the rector at my church St. Aidan's has this class on the music of U-2 and songs that are
linked to the bible..hymns..but mostly Psalms. Fr Rob had this little I pod playing a few songs.. "Gloria" "Yahweh" "40"
and "Magnificent".
"The Gospel According to U-2" is also a book about the bands spiritual life. Fr Rob offered to buy everyone in the class
a book. The people there who I called affectionatly "Aging Hippies"..hee hee. We all talked about seeing the band in
person..one couple said "Our oldest son was there but not really there?' words to that effect..which was code for his
wife was pregnant while at the concert..the "baby's now 24 years old..lol! Some of the people in the class either saw
the band more than twice, never did or just admired the band for it's humanitarian deeds.

I really enjoyed church sunday. Oh, St. Aidan's is an Irish church..our first rector was from Dublin Noel Burtenshaw
and I've had a lot of chats with him about "Rory
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