Carrie Fisher RIP

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Carrie Fisher RIP

Postby Mandyl » 27 Dec 2016, 22:07

And so 2016 kicks us again. My thoughts are with Carrie's family and friends. RIP.
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Re: Carrie Fisher RIP

Postby M.felix » 27 Dec 2016, 22:27

Until she's gone, What a terrible year.
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Re: Carrie Fisher RIP

Postby SUBY1974 » 28 Dec 2016, 17:57

I really had hoped that Carrie Fisher would pull through. Her character as "Princess Leia" in Star Wars, really influenced many young girls like me in the 80s and 90s. Also there was Charlie's Angels and Wonderman. They are strong characters and strong women, with empowerment. Something I like to strive for.
I feel in real life Carrie was the same and she was an incredible writer. I want to make time to read her work and she was a good actress too.
60 is not an age to die but I know that the gifts she, George Michael etc have left are forever. They will live on through their art. We can be grateful for that, at least! It would been nice if they could have stayed longer and the phrase "health is wealth" is true. Take care of it!! Why people have to pass before their time I can't say. But it's good to make use of the time we have and lead a good life that mirrors who we really are. To live in service. Cherise each moment, because in the end its the memories on earth we take with us.
Finally people pass away everyday. Like in Syria or that Russian plane crash. There are good souls who died there but we don't hear about it.
So I will light a candle for EVERYONE who has past and gifts they have given no matter how big or small.
They are starting their next journey, as eventually we all will.
RIP Carrie Fisher and my condolences to your mother, brother, daughter, family, friends, work colleagues and fans. You will be missed. Subrata.x
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Re: Carrie Fisher RIP

Postby heatison » 29 Dec 2016, 13:46

So sad that her mother passed away the very next day.
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