Christina Grimmie RIP beautiful Angel.

For Rest In Peace only

Christina Grimmie RIP beautiful Angel.

Postby SUBY1974 » 21 Jun 2016, 16:01

This world is insane. Christina Grimmie was a you tube star who did wonderful covers of artists sings before coming third on The Voice. She was coached by Adam Levine. Its is sad, that I had to discover her music after her death. She was gunned down by a lunatic outside an Orlando nightclub, after she was greeting fans. Her brother tried to heroicly save her.
I have watched her songs on you tube and my heart just breaks. She seemed so down to earth, sweet, warm,funny, mature young lady. So talented. So much to live for and offer the world. I just keep asking Why? Why? Why?. Same with Viola Beach band killed in that wretched car accident in Sweden. Why are you taking them so young, when they have so much to give to the world? There lives haven't started yet.!!!! :cry: :| . I may get that answer myself when I pass on.
I feel for Christina's parents and brother, family, friends and fans. Their grief must be unimaginable.
However thank god for the short time you were on earth Christina, because we have your music. You will live on through that. You did more in your 22years then most people. Your right, when you said don't let the invalid opinions of others stop you following your dreams.
Here is a clip by Christina singing "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. I saw Jason in concert in 2006. He is a good artist.
I think the real good musical artists can be found on the underground scene and through you tube covers. Christina definitely had something very,very special.
I keep thinking she will come back on you tube and say "Hi Guys. I am fine and I am back". I just cannot believe she is gone.
The tribute to her is beautiful. Christina you will never be forgotten. RIP sweet angel. Subrata.x We will see you sing one day on that great day to come.

I just wanted to also say my prayers go out to MP Jo Cox and her family and also to the LGBT community for what happened in Orlando. xx Matchmaker movie Christina starred in. Christina "Ballad of Jessica Blue". Last music videos.
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