CILLA BLACK 1943 - 2015

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CILLA BLACK 1943 - 2015

Postby SUBY1974 » 08 Aug 2015, 18:45

RIP Cilla Black. I was a bit shocked when I had heard she had passed but she did say she did not want to live past 75. Like Lynda Bellingham, my generation grew up with her while watching her on TV. People have their views on Cilla but she had a very successful 50 year showbiz career, a strong marriage to her husband manager Bobby and four children. Us youngsters knew her best as a TV presenter in the UK. Who can ever forget her shows like Blind Date and Surprise Surprise. She was like your mum or grandmum. I did not know much about her singing career until I saw a drama series this year on BBC ( I have the DVD as well) , called Cilla. Cilla is played by one of my fast becoming favourite BAFTA award actress Sheridan Smith. She was born to play Cilla. Cilla was spotted by Beatles manager Brian Epstein and was a pop singer of the 60s Beatles era. The other iconic British female singers are Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Sandy Shaw and Helen Shapiro. She was part of the Liverpool Merseyside beat scene. I do like her songs Anyone Who Had A Heart, Your My World and Alfie. She was the highest paid British woman artist in showbiz. Making your mark in a industry dominated by men in the 60s took guts, dedication, single mindedness and determination mixed self belief. Anyway RIP Cilla. My condolenses to your sons and family at this time.Subrata.x Cilla Black Anyone Who Had A Heart. Sheridan Smith singing as Cilla. Sheridan uses her own voice wearing false teeth. :lol: It is true Cilla heard she was number one with Anyone Who Had A Heart in a red phone box when Brian Epstein called her with the news. I love it in the Cilla drama, when Cilla ( Sheridan Smith) tells Bobby she is at No 1. Bobby takes her in his arms and twirls her around. That is so sweet. Cilla had seen the drama in her life and said "Its the best thing I have never done". Cilla's voice was emotional and she was a rock and roll singer. However in ballads she could bring her voice up and down at will. You felt the emotions in her songs. Her and Dionne Warwick were rivals.
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