Goodbye Mr. Nimoy

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Goodbye Mr. Nimoy

Postby RobertaSparrow » 27 Feb 2015, 19:17

So sad to see him go, Leonard Nimoy passed away. Rest in peace sir. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Leonard Nimoy could always make me smile. :D

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Re: Goodbye Mr. Nimoy

Postby capo » 28 Feb 2015, 04:16

So sad. Guess he was human after all. Well half at least. :cry:
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Re: Goodbye Mr. Nimoy

Postby SUBY1974 » 01 Mar 2015, 18:43

I was so sad to hear this news. Been watching Star Trek since I was a kid and I love the idea of a utopian society. He was a good actor. Will be missed. RIP. Subrata.x
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