IMAGE HOSTING or how to post images

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IMAGE HOSTING or how to post images

Postby JimLED » 09 Nov 2010, 01:26

Hello Roryfans!

I'd like to write a little tutorial about how to do image postings at forum.

First way, you may use forum's uploader UPLOAD attachment. This one is placed under message form.

First field is Filename of your pic. You have to pick up it from your hard drive by pressing View or Browse button. Then you have to press Add the file to start process of adding image to your post. Also, put your comments.

But, here's a little problem. System message will appear, like:

The image must be at least 0 pixels wide, 0 pixels high and at most 300 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.
The submitted image is 486 pixels wide and 161 pixels high

It means forum has image size limitation. And this way of image posting isn't favourable. Scrolling at main page is really tiring...when you wish to read few posts, when you open the topic and do a lots scrolls to reach second post of the topic.. etc

So, you're welcome to use IMAGE HOSTING.

Image Hosting websites allow to you to store tons of your photos at their web server. You will get a direct link of your image and you can use it anywhere, at any forums or other web places.

Actually, there are many of image hostings.
Really popular resource at your side of the world.


You don't need to be registered to use this resource. Press Browse button to pick up your photo from your hard drive.
Email@ field you may simple skip.


Then you will see image from your hard drive be stored in form and ready to process.


Also, you can do resize your image if it was really big before, for example, if it from your photo camera.
Press Upload Options / Resizing >> to see list of formats... 640x480 size is optimal for message board.


At least, press a big blue button "UPLOAD NOW" and we can see how process of file uploads goes on...


Here's a table of various links of your uploaded image that you can use in any web sites.

Let's see what we have here:

- You can share this image with any popular network society like Face Book or Twitter.


- Link. This is a link to your uploaded image. You can't use it directly at forum. If you follow this link you will see your image placed inside of Image hostings design. Simple copy it and paste in new window to check it now.

- Direct link. This is that you really need. The link is direct to your image and you can paste it in you forum's posts. How to do it I tell you later.
Here's an example: ... 197905.jpg

- Forum Code. This is direct link with image tags. You can use it to paste at your message. But you should to do something with copyright message. Delete it is you wish. Example:
Uploaded with

- All Forum Code. Like Forum code. You can't use it, becouse [IMG] tag shown uncorrectly. This is for other kind of forums.


- HTML code. This link for web designers.

- Forum Thumbnail. Cool thing if you wish to add a lots of images to your message, but they're too big. Their sizes be minimized. And you can see them at full screen after do simple click on pic. Also, you can hide copyright message if you do cuts of Uploaded with [ur1=][/ur1] line.


- All Forum Thumbnail That one is not supported by this forum.


And, at the end of story I promised to tell how to use direct link at your post message.
Paste you Direct link of your image, here. Select the line and press IMG button.


(two [IMG] tags added)

Only two kind of links you should use:

Direct link or Forum Thumbnail.

That's all. If it will help somebody...


If you wish to load image from other web resource then you have to turn on check box "url" and paste the link from hosted image website.

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Re: IMAGE HOSTING or how to post images

Postby DreDD » 13 Jun 2014, 13:38

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