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IMAGE uploads to post

Postby JimLED » 28 Apr 2013, 14:28

You're here becouse you have a little trouble uploading your pictures to the forum.
Relax, this is not so hard. A couple minutes of your attention and you'll be a master!

According to forum limitation and rules, maximum size of upload image dimension should be less than 1280 pixels for any of the sides. Remember it!
If you have trying to upload pics from your digital cameras, for example, you should made an image resizing down to 1280 pixels for one side.

Add your pictures to software. You can do drag & drop.

Next page is confirming your last step.

You can use "Keep it as" if you really sure that your image has dimension less than 1280 for any of sides.
Another way is to allow this software do image resizing for you. Just set the correct size and go to next page.
Also, you can do thumbnails. Just set up the 350 of width for thumbnais if you wish to use this one at the forum.

Choice fast server for uploads.

At first tab select a link to your picture and copy-paste it to the post.
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