YOUTUBE videos and SPOILER tag

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YOUTUBE videos and SPOILER tag

Postby JimLED » 27 Mar 2011, 23:39

Step by step what you have to do:

1) Direct copy youtube link into clipboard.

• Please note! You should cut off the end of the link after "&" symbol!

youtube's link: http: //
modified link: http: //

2) Paste link to your new post window.
3) Select the link by mouse pointer.
4) Press "youtube" button above at tab's bar.

Here's resultsL



That's all

If you gonna post more than two videos at the row, please use the TAG "spoiler" to hide them in your message.


[spoiler}[youtube]your youtube link[/youtube]
[youtube]your youtube link[/youtube]
[youtube]your youtube link[/youtube]
[youtube]your youtube link[/youtube][/spoiler]

(click mouse on "SHOW" just to see hidden vids)

Spoiler: SHOW

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