Christmas Forum Format Change date?

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Christmas Forum Format Change date?

Postby Jay Jay » 07 Jan 2014, 14:29

Hi guys & girls Rory Fans..

It is tradition /custom in the UK to take your Christmas decorations down no later than yesterday. Otherwise they say it is bad luck. I've ask Jim (JimLED) to change the Christmas Forum format because of this.
Apologies to those who feel that this Rory Christmas forum format should come down, but Jim has informed me, that they celebrate Christmas yesterday & today in his country the Ukraine. I think it is the same custom and tradition too in Spain and many other countries also??
So therefore the Christmas forum format will stay for a while longer, for Rory fans in these countries ;)

Feliz Navidad and..
Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay

PS. For those members who do wish to change. You can change back to the normal Rory LT format of your choice..
If you go to User Control Panel above and then " Board Preferences " ;)
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Re: Christmas Forum Format Change date?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 07 Jan 2014, 17:05

Over here we have such a mix of traditions and cultures, I usually take mine down on Jan. 6 since that would be the 12th day of Christmas. Eastern Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on the 7th, so they're just getting started. It's not unusual to see Christmas lights up well into the month of January, though. So those of you just getting started, Merry Christmas!. I'm just glad the days are getting longer and the flowers will be back soon. And those of you lucky enough to be able to go to Ballyshannon for Rory's party still have that to look forward to, so it's all good!
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