Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Congrats, birthdays wishes put here.

Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Postby RobertaSparrow » 19 Oct 2014, 11:55

Happy Birthday Jay Jay,

61 is it?

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Re: Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Postby JimLED » 19 Oct 2014, 13:58

Happy Birthday! Wishing you all the best on your special day!, Jay Jay!

Wishing you happiness, wishing you strong health and lot of Rory discovering! :)


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Re: Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Postby SUBY1974 » 19 Oct 2014, 16:01

Happy Birthday Jay Jay. Have a great day. Rock On For Rory. Subrata.x
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Re: Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Postby innuendo » 19 Oct 2014, 19:24

happy birthday.
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Re: Happy Birthday Jay Jay

Postby Stevo » 19 Oct 2014, 21:14

Happy birthday, Jay Jay.
Hope you had a great day.
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