Happy Birthday Cynthia

Congrats, birthdays wishes put here.

Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby Tokeiihto » 26 Oct 2013, 23:13

Happy Birthday, Cynthia!
I wish you all the best. I hope you have an enjoyable day. :)
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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby Jay Jay » 27 Oct 2013, 11:31

Happy Birthday Cynthia,

Rory Happy Birthday.jpg

Rock On for Rory
M'haith Slainte
Best Wishes
Jay Jay xx
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Jay Jay
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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby capo » 27 Oct 2013, 14:04

A Very Happy Birthday wish for Cynthia. As one of Rory's heros would say, stay "Forever Young".
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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby Tina » 27 Oct 2013, 14:08

Dear Cynthia,

A Happy Birthday from Berlin to You !!! I really love to read your view on things.

best wishes,

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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby JimLED » 28 Oct 2013, 15:40

Dear Cynthia!
May all your dreams come true! Happy Birthday to you! :)

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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby SUBY1974 » 28 Oct 2013, 19:41

Happy Birthday, Hope you had a great day. Subrata.x
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Re: Happy Birthday Cynthia

Postby roryfan » 29 Oct 2013, 02:23

Best wishes!
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