My New Guitar :0)

Well that song she's humming, could make my guitar start strumming

My New Guitar :0)

Postby SUBY1974 » 03 Jul 2017, 21:23

After saving for a long time, I finally bought my blue electric acoustic APX500 Yahama guitar and she is beautiful. Will collect her on Sat. Went to Wembley Music Centre and she was the last one in stock. Its like she was waiting for me. I played her and knew she is the one! The feel, the play, the beautiful craftsmanship of the guitar...oh gosh she was worth waiting for! Cost with amp £400 but a lifetime investment. Just overwhelmed with excitement. I am calling her Rory Blue after my favourite rock/blues Irish guitarist of all time Rory Gallagher. Who else? I truely believe Rory guides me as an artist and in my journey through guitar playing and learning about the healing effects of music. Hope to produce music with my brother in music therapy. How light, colour, emotions are all linked with music. I did dream of Rory at a concert playing this guitar I bought today! He held it high in the air for me to see, so I did know what I wanted. I can't wait to begin the creative journey with my new guitar friend. Thankyou to everyone for advising me to get the best possible electric acoustic guitar. Subrata. xxx:0)
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