Loop Pedal Guitar

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Loop Pedal Guitar

Postby SUBY1974 » 06 Mar 2017, 23:25

As a guitarist myself I have been listening to Randolf Arriola and his amazing loop guitar playing skills. He is the founder of the Live Looping in Asia. I am fascinated by different musical sounds across the world. I am very impressed by Randolf and what he can and has achieved. I have put him on my FB page.
I love With or Without by U2 oh for many,many reasons and Randolf does a good cover for the song with loop technique. I have also included his TED ex talk on the subject. He talks about how he started etc.
I also wanted to add I do not like mainstream music today and like Rory like the alternative. From myspace and moving on to you tube, a real community of musicians, singer and songwriters have come to together to produce amazing stuff "outside the label". I am just loving it. The internet has brought Rory worldwide fans together , so it has brought musicians and artists together. There is now a live looping community on the internet. Subrata. x

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEtGrvjnAH4 Happy by Pharrell Williams (Loop Pedal Cover) - Roz Firth
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