Vox AC30 VR or no?

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Vox AC30 VR or no?

Postby LemmyK43 » 23 Mar 2016, 22:35

I'm looking into doing an overhaul on my sound and I'm curious about the AC30 2x12 Valve Reactor. Any feedback on these amps would be awesome. :)
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Re: Vox AC30 VR or no?

Postby atlpark » 19 May 2016, 15:13

Hi there!
Your ears are certainly the best adviser in that matter.
Don't remember who told that: 'To speak about music is the same that dance about architecture' :-)
Anyway, if you need someone's feedback on it, here you are :-)
AC30 gives you the-so-called 'British' sound. Well, it's a good idea to use it If you play some crunchy funk or funky crunch :-) with many chords.
Or maybe you'll appreciate its clear sound with no OD on.
As for them speakers - they look to be more sensitive than for instance those on Marshall's or Fender's combo amps.
That exact model fits average rehearsal room. If it is small, AC30 will seem too loud I think.
Those old amps and pedals by Vox cannot be good or bad, they are what they are. You may like them and you may not like them, that's the thing.
So, it's up to you :-)

P.S. pre-amp is built on vacuum-tube (aka valve).
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