Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby lucknow1856 » 09 Jul 2010, 14:49

I definitely saw him do this at Newcastle City Hall. He was playing the blond Tele - can't remember which number - but he was passed the string by a roadie and changed it and tuned it himself while playing (mainly chords) and singing. These days the tendency for guitarists would be to pick another guitar from the rack instead while the keyboard played a solo or something but Rory being Rory only needed the one Tele ready in that tuning.
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby atasteofrory » 11 Jul 2010, 08:31

Yeah me too 1976 Glasgow Apollo Rory was playing Tattoo Lady broke the G string he cleared the broken string from the guitar he then signaled to Tom which string and Tom ran on with a new one to our amazement Rory started to fit the string while singing and playing and tuned in and never missed a note. I asked Tom about it last year " was the string thing rehearsed like part of the show " Tom said nah man that was just Rory :)


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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby gnikap » 24 Jul 2010, 00:41

mac wrote:Jeez,its hard enough daylight......on the couch......with no one looking at you,how he could keep playing is beyond me.......and allways will be!

I didn't know about that. I've seen many video with Rory's gigs and never showed that. It seems unbelievable for most guitarists but not Rory. From now on I'll never say again that I'm bored to change strings...on the couch :lol:
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby gazalang » 28 Jul 2010, 08:58

:? I couldn't do that... I have a second guitar is case. It takes guts to make it part of the show and you would have to feel very at ease. Rorys trem was blocked, so the guitar would stay mainly in tune... but how you carry on playing without having 3 hands is a mystery... but it sounds like he did.

During the film Irish Tour... you see Rory pout on new strings.. but he doesn't stretch em much.. which means after a solo they will go out of tune.. but it never seemed to phase him at all. He was an amazing player... pure from the heart and it was his real true love. He lived to do it. Very sad the way it all ended.. lost at sea.. His life was too short for us... but he filled what he had with following his passion. He found his purpose and totally fulfilled it. Who amongst us can say that eh ?

God Bless you boy....

Anyway... I'm getting all sad saying all this....but happy for him in many ways. Time to get some work done. Anybody seen my pen... ? Thieving barst*rds... Yours...... Gaza
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby Jay Jay » 28 Jul 2010, 12:30

Hey Gaza,
Come on mate, it would be easy for you to do on stage..
Youv'e got 2 lead guitarists in your band Molly's Craic. Eric can take the lead while you change string :D

Rock on for Rory
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby gazalang » 28 Jul 2010, 17:24

JJ... these days I can go to light a fag ,, but I haven't got one out yet. I can go downstairs for an apple and then wonder why I'm in the kitchen ... :oops: doing two things at the same time these days has become a challenge... my brain is in mono now. I still forget the words to backing vocals whem I'm playing.. or get them backwards.

And.... how many times have I been to Asda and lost my feckin car......

XX Gaza
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby groundhog » 29 Jul 2010, 09:17

Jeez Gaza, hope you get well soon mate :roll: I have to admit though,i've nearly been late for work a few times, because on
a monday i can't remember where i parked the car on the friday :?


Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby bigfootdave » 03 Aug 2010, 21:14

Sinnerboy wrote:I saw him do it once, this is how it was when I saw it:

They were into the first solo in 'Bought and sold' when his top E broke, he nodded to Gerry to keep it going (Which he did in typical Gerry dynamic style) and Rory had cleared the old string and threaded the new one (he whipped it out of his back pocket) in a nanosecond! then, as the first solo is in e, he solo'd on the bottom e string with his left hand whilst tuning up the new string with his right as a sort of ascending drone until the top was in tune and sailed away. The amazing thing about it wasn't the mechanical process described but the time it took him to do it!

If I break a string on stage the whole show comes to a shuddering halt while I bugger about with pliers and tuners!


I will second that, cos i saw it too, could'nt believe what i was seeing, never missed a beat !! it was at Manchester Appollo if i remember rightly
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby Doug » 09 Aug 2010, 05:36

I could swear I saw him do it before, but after so many years it could be faulty memory, booze, and whatever else fogging up the mind. Maybe I saw it on a video. :?
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Re: Rory Changed String Playing Guitar?

Postby LongliveRory » 05 Nov 2010, 20:21

I saw Rory in 1982 or 83 at the Agora in Columbus Ohio. He broke a string in the middle of a song and I don't remember which one. What I do remember is that he ran to the side of the stage while the band played on, grabbed a replacement string and ran back to the mic to continue singing ! I'm pretty sure it was a high E. WHILE he was singing, he was replacing the string. The amazing thing was, that when he was done, it stayed in tune for the rest of the song, and was used during the solo. How he did THAT I will never know. Perhaps he just avoided it until the song was done, I don't know. I was close to the stage and watching carefully - he didn't even pull on the string to stretch it out after he wound it on. Just one amazing moment of an evening full of amazement. Lowell
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