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Signed guitar strap. Any thoughts?

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2014, 21:40
by Vincent
On our local Dutch Ebay equivalent called 'marktplaats', I found an interesting item. It's a guitar strap supposedly signed by Rory, Rod, Gerry and Lou. Seller says it is from the 80ies but that can't be true.

Highest bid now is 250 €. The autographs look ok to me, although I'm not sure about the first G in Gallagher.

What are your thoughts? ... strap.html?

Re: Signed guitar strap. Any thoughts?

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2014, 00:17
by RobertaSparrow
Not for me to say if you should or shouldn't buy it, but you can see Rory's signature on this site, and you can see that is not how he wrote the capital g in his last name. Lou and Rod weren't with him in the 80's. So those are two red flags for an item that seems rather expensive.

I'd love to have his autograph, or something that was his, but be very wary of things sold on the internet- there are a lot of forgeries and photocopies around. ;)

Re: Signed guitar strap. Any thoughts?

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2014, 22:09
by folkdeejay
I am dubious too - look at the "To" dedication - the T is very similar on all of them.

Maybe its real - but it is a lot of money with no proof. I got all my LP covers signed by Rory in Manchester on the Defender tour - 20 sleeves in total - not a single one has his G in that style, and I know mine are real - I was there !! :P