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New guitar picks, replica of Rory's favourite 'Herco' nylon

PostPosted: 18 May 2013, 13:33
by davidduck
Hi there,

if anyone is interested these new planet waves 'Nylflex' are a recreation of the old 'Herco' heavy grey nylon picks that Rory favoured (along with Jimmy Page) and countless others..these are much better than the Herco branded picks that are available now, thicker and springier...with a pointier end, and less slick plastic...

sorry to geek here out on what might be a trivial thing to some people but it was a big deal to me to finally get these...(and I don't work for planet waves)

the 1mm gauge are the ones to go for! they're made by d'addario so they should be very widely available in most music shops

Re: New guitar picks, replica of Rory's favourite 'Herco' ny

PostPosted: 20 May 2013, 23:40
by leprechaun1
your not geeking out...i have some from jim dunlop. flex 75, the best pick i have ever used, hands down. as a matter of fact i have to go buy some more soon. the picks i have say herco on them. i think J.D. bought the rights to the name.....i'm not sure though. many players have used herco, most of the guitar heros.

Re: New guitar picks, replica of Rory's favourite 'Herco' ny

PostPosted: 21 May 2013, 10:29
by davidduck
Cool, I know those dunlop-made flex 75 picks well, they're silver grey. You're right, Dunlop bought the rights to the herco brand name in the early nineties, however they didn't get the original moulds so the current dunlop picks are slightly diffferent, they are also a softer type of nylon. The 60s/70s herco picks were used by all the greats, give these new picks a go if you find them on your travels, cheapest tonal improvement there is!