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Re: Rory Relic Strat Custom Build

PostPosted: 23 May 2013, 21:25
by Buzzwagon
Hey, Spiv

Dominic was working off a recent Guitarist magazine photoshoot where there were some very good close up shots of the wear and tear. That shoot re-kindled my search for a Rory and I saw some of Dominics work on ebay. That lead me to think that he could do the business with the real deal and as the photos above prove I ended up with a fantastic guitar!

As luck would have it, the pictures at the Johnny Marr gig (where a load of close up shots were taken backstage) were published close to the end of the build and some new details were revealed that Dominic included on the finished article (gouges on the horn/wear at the top of the neck join etc).

We also sourced some images from Google for colour referencing etc as the guitar appears different depending on the lighting conditions.

I have seen other versions that have replicated an earlier version of the guitar (mid 70's etc) where the wear was pronounced but not as 'complete' as it stands now. I'd pick your version and then go for it!

Re: Rory Relic Strat Custom Build

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2013, 15:44
by folkdeejay
Just seen this. Useful fpr less technically minded builders.

Seems like a good job with A1 bits. ... 1c332700dd