good or bad ?

Well that song she's humming, could make my guitar start strumming

good or bad ?

Postby vasdis » 13 Apr 2013, 07:14

Well what do you think,is it good to see RG's Strat put to good use or not,this is probably JB's best known song off his first album,Rory was one of his big
influences and he does play some Rory stuff e.g. As The Crow Flies (although penned by Tony Joe White ) I forgot JB also does a blistering version of
Cradle Rock.

Youtube link fixed.
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Re: good or bad ?

Postby mike6262 » 06 May 2013, 18:00

I am not crazy about Joe playing Rory's Strat. But Donal seems to be ok with it, I just hope the Strat dosen't start popping up on stage with every "guitar slinger" who comes around.
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