Leo Fender's Telecaster

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Leo Fender's Telecaster

Postby Gaz » 23 May 2010, 23:33

The Telecaster story will be on sale next month, I'm reliably informed.., the Strat dvd is brilliant and the Tele one looks even better...over 2 hours of pure guitar p0rn...what more could you want. :D the guy who makes these dvds is a long time Rory supporter.
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Re: Leo Fender's Telecaster

Postby asdesas » 24 May 2010, 05:13

Gaz wrote:over 2 hours of pure guitar p0rn...what more could you want.

I'll tell ya what more I could want: a dang Telecaster!!!!
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Re: Leo Fender's Telecaster

Postby Bearded Baby » 24 May 2010, 08:28

Thanks for the tip! A "must" buy!

Rgds Asle
Bearded Baby
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Re: Leo Fender's Telecaster

Postby Gaz » 24 May 2010, 09:14

Press Release for the Telecaster Story -

Following the worldwide success and critical acclaim of our DVD release 'Strat Masters', we are proud to tell you all about the next project which is in the final stages of production – due for release in late Spring 2010.
'Leo Fender’s Telecaster – The Original Twang’ will be released to honour what would have been Leo Fender's 100th year - but also to pay our respects - and dedicate to a good friend, Leo's former business partner the late Don Randall. Mr. Randall and his family - and his secretary Wallace Grover have been very kind to film director Michael Bayley Hughes and myself over the past few years. This is our way of saying 'Thank You'.

The film will track the 60 year history of The Broadcaster / Esquire / No-Caster and Telecaster from it's humble beginnings in the orange groves of Fullerton, to the latest production at the fabulous Fender factory and custom shop in Corona, California.

We have filmed in the UK, Eastern Europe, New York and California, to interview some of the true legends of music. Here's a run down of where we're up to at the moment.

The amazing Albert Lee usually springs to mind when you think 'Telecaster' - and he's right here cuddling a blonde Esquire, as he talks about his favourites - and his incredible playing style.
Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper has played on and produced more records than most of us can imagine. The 'Stax Axe' talks to us exclusively about the great days playing for Booker T and The MG's - and the fabulous Otis Redding - oh, and the Telecaster of course!
If you look up the word 'tone' in the dictionary, you'll probably find the name Buddy Whittington close by. Listen to Buddy ripping through a performance - and then talking Tele's.

Thanks to the kind hospitality of Fender, we were fortunate to catch up with the man who keeps Leo's name right up there at Number One. Richard McDonald is the Senior Vice President for Global Marketing of the world's greatest guitar maker - and talks exclusively about the Fender company - and of course, the guitar that started it all 60 years ago. Thanks to his fantastic staff - Jason Padgitt, Jason Farrell and David Brown, we were able to pin down some of the greatest Tele pickers around - like the legendary GE Smith, who has coloured the music of everyone from Hall and Oates to Bob Dylan.
GE plays some great music for us - and is also joined by 'The King's Tele Master' James Burton. It's coming up to 40 years since Elvis asked James to form a band - and he tells us all about it!
Next up is Greg Koch - and Greg's favourite squeeze for the past few years has been a Telecaster. He's an entertaining storyteller - as well as a 'monster' guitar player, who rips up and down the fretboard for our film.

We were fortunate that our good friend Redd Volkaert flew in especially from Texas, to be with us in Los Angeles for a few days. Redd is not only a fabulous character - he's one of the most versatile and talented players you will ever hear. Redd loves those old 'Black Guards' from the early '50's - and we were able to produce a lovely selection for him to try. Everything from Western Swing to rockin' blues - Redd's got it all covered!
We just had to drive Redd up the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Barbara and meet our 'California Family' at Seymour Duncan.
Evan and Seymour have always made us so welcome on every trip - nothing is ever too much trouble for them or their wonderful staff. We had a great day at the factory and in the studio - chatting about Fender's - with Redd and Seymour being joined by virtuoso Jerry Donahue for a blast on a selection of lovely old Telecaster's.

A few days in Beverly Hills, saw us linking up with our friend Richie Kotzen - who has just returned from a major European tour, rockin' out with his signature Tele.
Remember that fabulous riff in 'My Sharona'? Well, The Knack's Doug Fieger may have used a Strat and a Vox Super Beatle amp' in the studio - but it was a Telecaster that stole his heart soon afterwards.
Doug loved to play a driving rhythm guitar - and kindly showed us his lovely collection of early Broadcasters and Tele's. Sadly, this was probably the last interview Doug ever gave – as he passed away last February after a long and brave battle against cancer.
On our last day in California, we hooked up with the very amazing John 5. This guy has it covered from Marilyn Manson to KD Lang - and no wonder. He can shred the fingerboard with the best of them - or play 'banjo roll' country licks like you've never heard. Talk about versatile.......this guy does it all on a Telecaster. In fact with a huge collection of them, John has something of a 'Tele Addiction' !!!

Thanks to Harvey Goldsmith, we caught up with 'Strat Masters' favourite Jeff Beck at his London office - where he tells us the 'true' story about that famous Fender Esquire with the home-made Strat' like contours he bought from John Maus of The Walker Brothers. Jeff is always entertaining and informative, and he gave us another wonderful eloquent interview about the early days - through to The Yardbirds - and the fabulous band he has on tour right now. Jeff loves his Fender's - and I'm happy to say, the Esquire he uses in the interview is mine!

A good friend from the days when I worked on Guitarist Magazine - Chris Trigg of Vintage and Rare Guitars, kindly allowed us to use his shop to film Dr. Feelgood legend Wilko Johnson.
Everyone knows Wilko for his manic style and '1,000 yard stare' when ripping it up with a Telecaster - but wait until you see the interview!
Wilko is a real hilarious character - and tells us the fascinating story of his lifelong love of Tele's. We also have some amazing vintage footage of the great man performing on the same bill with Bo Diddley.
Clive Brown of Guitar Art is the well respected luthier who appeared in Strat Masters. In this film, you can see him building a Telecaster from scratch - and knowledgeably talking about Fender in his inimitable style.
We also managed to catch up with Liverpool based Tele’ wacker Keith Xander and his brother Stuart from The Peace Pirates. They are about to release their album full of Telecaster playing. Keith has an artificial right hand, following a birth impairment. Doctors and music teachers told Keith he would never be able to play the guitar - but he proved them all to be very wrong!

Last but not least, the world's greatest 'Tele' Riff Master' Keith Richards with his main squeeze 'Micawber'. Keith's New York office kindly made contact during Summer 2008 - but it has taken a while to tie up the arrangements, and boy was it worth the wait. We have just returned from New York with the most fantastic interview by the Rolling Stones legend. To make it all the more magical, we filmed the shoot in Jimi Hendrix famed Electric Lady Studio in Greenwich Village.

To give us the female perspective on Telecaster's, we have the legendary punk rocker Viv Albertine of The Slits - as well as performance and an exclusive chat with Canadian blues artiste Sue Foley. We have also filmed with foremost American blues lady Deborah Coleman and have a fabulous interview with Yorkshire lass Chantel McGregor. Thanks to Parr Street Studios in Liverpool – and our friends Keith and Stuart Xander, we have filmed a great jam session with Deborah and Chantel tearing it up on Telecaster’s.

We have some wonderful people speaking about the guitar they all love so much. Author Tom Wheeler knew Leo very well, and relays his memories for us. Norman Harris of Norm's Rare Guitars in Hollywood, shows us some of the cleanest vintage Fender's you will ever see - and talks with passion about the marque.
Well known collector Mac Yasuda and Fender historian Richard Smith are filmed at the Fullerton Museum, reviewing the beautiful Broadcasters, Esquires, No-Casters and Telecasters on display - including Roy Buchanan's famed 'Nancy'.
And then - thanks to Jason Farrell and David Brown, we have unprecedented access to the Fender factory and Custom Shop. This is like a kid being let loose in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory!
We have amazing footage and interviews with the builders and creators of some of the most famous guitars in the world.
And then, to cap it all, the legendary Abigail Ybarra - who has worked at Fender since 1956 - tells us exclusively, what makes her pickups so magical.
Could you wish for more? How about recently discovered film from the Fender factory in the 1950’s, shot by none other than Leo Fender's right hand man Forrest White.
Thanks to Forrest’s son Curtis, we have permission to show some amazing historical footage of the very first production lines – and prototype instruments you may never have seen before!
We've listened to your comments - and there will be more playing and performances in 'Leo Fender’s Telecaster – The Original Twang’ It will be available shortly on PAL and NTSC DVD format.

We'll keep you posted !!!
Bob Hewitt
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