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Well that song she's humming, could make my guitar start strumming

attn: silentreborn - chat over here!

Postby tonetanner » 17 Feb 2012, 19:36

Anyway, silentreborn - just in case you get over this way for a chat about gear etc
My fave electric is a G&L asat special light blue pearlescent finish. I have a battered strat copy I have had for thirty years, set up for slide. I know it seems the wrong way round (rory used teles for slide quite a bit) but I found the strat whammy with no springs is the perfect height for slide.
For reso, I have a '42 national collegian - but I use that for picking in celtic (e.g. for western plain). I have a stripped MM blues 14 fret in open d, and although I should have another reso in open g (e.g. for empire state), I do open 'g' as open d capo'd at 4th fret - sounds OK! I have a home made dobro (cost £100 to make and about that many hours!) and a cheapo dobro, and I'm trying to build a metal body dobro from an old OMI body and a '30s 8 lug cone / spider - completion very cash dependent. That one is supposed to sound like Sam Mitchells guitar for a fraction of the cost. Don't laugh too much.
I have a 200watt hartke bass amp with valve pre-amp - sounds massive. I once had a vox ac50 through a wem 4x12, but the vox got a pint in it and the WEM got nicked.
Effects, well my zoom 2001 broke, but I was gettin tired of the sound anyway. I now just have a rack of four boss pedals: - metal zone (so many sounds), flange on very light, compressor on light, and dig delay (mainly so I can DI it easily at a gig, but it gets a bit of use)- sounds as close as I can get to late '70s rory. I also have a blackstar overdrive. Its not as good as I thought it would be, but it gets a great sound for in your town and should have learned lesson.
Thats it !
what do you think of that?
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