Rory's Bottle Neck Question?

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Re: Rory's Bottle Neck Question?

Postby JimLED » 17 Sep 2011, 21:42

I have an empty bottle of wine... the slide is perfect if to cut it, but it's still on bottle.
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Re: Rory's Bottle Neck Question?

Postby onthetiles » 20 Sep 2011, 18:24

Fill the bottle with old engine oil up to the point were the neck starts. Don't spill any down the sides. Get a red hot poker in a fire, and I mean red hot. Without hesitation stick the red hot poker right into the oil. It will bubble and sizzle a little. Then the glass will crack at the level were there is no oil. Simply remove the neck with a tug. Then use sandpaper to remove any rough edges. Throw the oil and the bottle away. Put your new slide on your finger and play some licks. That's how the old blues guys used to do it.
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