Rory Strat For Sale

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Rory Strat For Sale

Postby RoryFan12 » 30 Jun 2011, 22:00

Have a brand new Rory Gallagher Stratocaster, one of the production models.

I bought it as an investment, as i am a life-long Rory fan, but i just cant justify keeping it. It is unplayed, with the case candy unopened, certificate, case in pristine and mint! Still has the plastic coverings over the metal parts. Ill never use it, so would prefer to have the money, or another guitar that would get the use that this doesnt.

Thought id try on here first to offer it to a genuine fan, as they are hard to come by. If not, it will be going on ebay.

Email is

Get in touch if interested. Thanks
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