Another Taste to play along

Well that song she's humming. Could make my guitar start strumming

Another Taste to play along

Postby RobertaSparrow » 21 Feb 2021, 01:17

Users of Rocksmith will be familiar with the format, but here's the rundown for Same Old Story-
Whoever imported the music to the software didn't attempt to play along, so you hear Rory, but no one is trying to play along (well, trying to match Rory is quite a task, no? :lol: ) in the comments someone wrote, "C'mon, you shuld try to play it." But, this is, after all, Rory. Takes a brave performer to try to match Rory note for note- so, whomever imported this just imported the tabs as the way the Rocksmith computer program sees them, without trying to play along. The computer voice is admonishing the student who is not playing along, "bad performance. " Not Rory. Rory provides the master track.

Play along, We may be locked down for that virus, but we can still Rock On for Rory.
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