Statue in Ballyshannon

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Statue in Ballyshannon

Postby DoYouReadMe » 09 Nov 2011, 23:39

You probably all know that there is a Rory statue in Ballyshannon where he was born. I went to visit last month as I have family near Belfast. Drove through the rain into Donegal. I got drenched finding the statue and then walking to the edge of the town to look out to sea. Could not find anyone to take a picture of me standing next to Rory as everyone was wisely indoors. You can also see his birth place which turned out to be a health centre. Not that much in the town but an atmospheric setting. Felt strangely close to Rory even though he did not live there long and played his songs all the way there and back reserving Do You Read Me for my arrival into Ballyshannon. An enjoyable pilgrimage but the rest of the family think I am mad. Anyone else been to see it?
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Re: Statue in Ballyshannon

Postby Jay Jay » 10 Nov 2011, 19:16

Rory Statue & Jay Jay 4.jpg

Do You Read Me .. then please believe me ...
This was just after the unveiling in June 2010 :)
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Re: Statue in Ballyshannon

Postby handyt » 14 Nov 2011, 01:49

i was at the unveiling on the Wednesday before the 2010 weekend.
Everyone including myself have a picture taken with Rory and it's agreat reminder of the great man.
Iwent back to Ballyshannon 3 or 4 weeks after the 2011 weekend for the Folk Festival it's a lot quieter.
Similarly to Do You Read Me post, i got very close to Rory , very strange feeling.It was chucking it down and iwas on my own with him.
So if you are on holiday in Ireland go up to Ballyshannon or if you live near please go to the statue you'll not get the hassle and you may get near to Rory again.
Who's a sentimental old goat then??
seriously, it's good for the soul especially if you loved the man and miss him.
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