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PostPosted: 25 May 2011, 20:38
by SUBY1974

After a series of dreams of Rory, he asked me to come to visit him in Cork, Ireland in the Spring of 2011.

Just prior to the trip I kept running across articles and T.V programs on Cork, so I knew I had to visit this Spring.

I did run the idea past Susie of Seafieldfoxes and she was keen to go. She said that she had recently discovered that she was half Irish and that her surname “ came from Southern Ireland where Cork is. She is still investigating her family roots.

However I said to Susie that I felt Rory wanted us to visit Ballincollig. In one dream he had said to me by visiting Ballincollig his energy and our energies would connect strongly and in this way he could help us more in our creative path, as well as spiritual. Rory knows that there has been many times I just wanted to give up on what I am trying to achieve but I believe he and others keep me going. It’s like I find this incredible energy to keep moving forward.

Susie came down to London from Edinburgh in early April during Mothers Day . She said she could not get leave at the end of April to go to Cork and she really did not want to go to Ballincollig. She said it would be too “final”. She explained (and I agree with her) that Rory would not want us to mourn him but celebrate his life.

After much thought I did consider postponing the trip to Cork at the end summer when Susie got leave and NOT go to Ballincollig. I reasoned that if he wanted me to go to Cork at the end of April and visit him in Ballincollig he would arrange it. I believe he did this for another fan on this forum board - Rosemarie. In March she just happened to be passing through Cork, when she had a strong impulse to go to Ballincollig and she did. It was beautiful day and she later discovered that the day she visited was Rory’s birthday – 2nd of March. How weird is that?

Well a few days after seeing Susie I noticed my book “Enlightenment Through Orbs” by Diana Cooper was opened at p58 by chance. I took a sneak look and I noticed a picture taken by a lady who was visiting her grandmother’s grave. In it is a beautiful orange orb ( taken in dry conditions) swooping along. It was amazing! Orbs are believed to be spirits of deceased loved ones, angels or guides. They appear on digital cameras and I have taken a few myself. Some people say that the orbs in pictures are dust or raindrops etc. But pictures have been taken in dry conditions and the orbs are circular with beautiful geometric patterns in them. Some have awesome colors in them and faces. They tend to appear at huge happy gatherings like weddings, parties etc . Some people have seen orbs with their naked eye and they tend to cluster around people they are trying to heal. There is a scientific study being done on orbs called THE ORB PROJECT by Klaus Heineman PHD. Anyway back to the photo I was seeing in the Diana Cooper book , the book said the orb could be her grandmother. I read the description and it said when a loved one visits a grave it should not be a cold and final experience. In fact it’s the opposite. Cemetries can be peaceful places to visit. Your loved one comes to the site as well and a loving energy exchange takes place between you and your deceased loved one.

I really felt Rory was saying "Come to Ballincollig and let me connect with you. Let our energies connect". I am his fan after all!

That did it. I booked my flights to Cork straight away and never told Susie. I did tell her later though and she was so amazed.

It was beautiful week journeying into Cork. On the Air Lingus flight my Blackberry showed 11.11am and 111 e-mails. This means my angels are around and even more funny I was being served by a flight attendant called “Rory” would you believe?? I thought I would start giggling.

We got to Cork and I did go to Ballincollig – a village outside Cork. Walked in through the gates and took my bundle of gifts for Rory ( guitar picks, pictures etc) for him and his mum.

When I went there I did become emotional. I gave my gifts. Strangely like Rosemarie I had no time to buy flowers?? I could literally feel his ENERGY EVERYWHERE. It was so strong and loving. I could have stayed there forever. I really could have!!!I did not want to leave my guide, my inspiration, my teacher, my friend and second father figure.

I spoke to him and I was there for quite a while. Then I turned around and gasped. The hills of Ballincollig are so so beautiful – it was like a bridge between heaven and earth. This is the view Rory “sees” everyday and I can understand why he here. I just could not take my eyes off from this awesome view. I will never ever forget it. Ireland has some breathtaking scenery.

I soon had to leave and left a huge rose quartz crystal . Rose quartz links with divine love and its healing. I also took a few turfs of grass from the site and I now keep them in my Rory biography.

I just DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE but I did and we came back to Cork. I soon went to visit Crowley’s Music Store which was run by the late Michael Crowley. Rory came to this store as a boy. Michael helped him with guitars and sold him that famous Fend Stat guitar. It’s a pity Michael passed away last August 2010 and I would have loved to have spoken to him. The counter seems empty without him. There was a lot memorabilia and tributes to Rory and Michael on the wall and a guy agreed to take some photos of me with them.

The guy happened to know both Rory and Michael! He said Rory was a gracious man and very quiet. He loved his music and he would come into the store head bent looking at guitars etc. The guy had seen Rory play live many times. Michael apparently once heard Rory playing behind a closed door and he thought it was a record playing! That’s how good Rory was live!

Interestingly after Michael’s death I dreamt I was in the music store and he is still working there! Maybe on the other side life doesn’t stop??

The guy and I talked more and he was amazed that I am a Piscean like Rory and my birthday is fours days after his!

I visited other Rory’s places. I saw Rory Gallagher's Place, Cork Opera House and the art gallery where Rory took art lesson as a boy. It was all amazing. The people of Cork are warm and friendly and they knew I’m from London!! The people of Cork really love and respect Rory.

I need to go back to visit some other sites like Blarney Castle, Cobh etc. Its just amazing to walk the Cork streets that Rory did and the fact he grew up there. He knew every street and road!

I am so glad I went. I also managed to find a real four-leaf shamrock for sale which brings good luck. Last time my trip to Dublin I just couldn’t find one. This time on my Rory Gallagher travels I did! .How lucky is that??

Now back in London I feel more connected to him. That’s all I will say for now. I am so glad I went. More then just glad – it was AMAZING. Subrata. x


PostPosted: 25 May 2011, 21:29
by photofinish
Nice story..... i have been to Cork twice and to visit Rory,i was lucky enough to meet Rory plenty of times.
Its exactly a year ago this week since we were last there,so your great story brought it all back to us,thanks again.
Yes you must visit Blarney,its a beautiful place....


PostPosted: 25 May 2011, 21:33
by Jay Jay
Yes lovely story Suby :)

You must go also one time to where Rory's spirit was born, in beautiful Ballyshannon. Below is what Donal his brother says ;)


PostPosted: 30 May 2011, 20:24
by Simone67
Hi Suby,

thank you for sharing this heart warming story with us !! My time is yet to come,when I will visit Rory in Ireland,I look very much forward to it! Thank`s again !

Love and peace,Simone


PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 22:54
by SUBY1974
Hi Simone, I really hope you can go to Cork one day. Its so worth it and I am so glad I went. I know Susie of Seafieldfoxes wants to go now! Ballincollig is beautiful and for me it was just so lovely to spend time with Rory. It was just nice to sit by him. The hills of Ballincollig and the view is just unbelievable. It was like a bridge between heaven and earth. It will be unforgettable for you once you visit. Subrata. I still have a few more Cork pictures to put on this board. I have not got around to doing this as I am so busy, but I will do so soon.


PostPosted: 31 May 2011, 22:58
by SUBY1974
photofinish wrote:Nice story..... i have been to Cork twice and to visit Rory,i was lucky enough to meet Rory plenty of times.
Its exactly a year ago this week since we were last there,so your great story brought it all back to us,thanks again.
Yes you must visit Blarney,its a beautiful place....

Its lovely you met Rory in real life Photofinish. I so wished I had. Have you shared your memories of meeting Rory on this board? Love the photo. Its amazing that the week I posted my Rory Gallagher Travels on this board, exactly a year ago you were in Cork! Wow. I will visit Blarney Castle and I will go to Ballyshannon Jay Jay and Belfast ( birthplace of Rory's music) in the near future. Subrata. x


PostPosted: 02 Jun 2011, 18:24
by Simone67

...I know...I know...I`ve heard this from so many others and of course all the beautiful tales make me all the more excited and eager to get to all these Rory related spots!
Somehow though just recently one financial "desaster" after another seems to be haunting I´ve had to postpone all my plans regarding Rory and Ireland inadvertantly...BUT ! I have "talked" to Rory about it,and how sad I was, and he calmed me and said with a smile he already knew,and that I shouldn`t worry,he would be waiting for me,and meanwhile,he was with me any day, anyhow, anyway... ;)


PostPosted: 02 Jun 2011, 20:55
by SUBY1974
Hi Simone

Yes Rory is always with us. He looks out for all of us definitely. Subrata. x