Opening acts....

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Opening acts....

Postby Sid_Sidow » 23 Jun 2019, 02:19

Listening to IT'74 over and over made me wonder.....

I know early on Rory opened for some big acts in the US (Rush, ZZ Top, more more)
Just made me wonder if he had opening act during tours like IT'74?
Thanks!! ss

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Re: Opening acts....

Postby RobertaSparrow » 24 Jun 2019, 05:25

I'm not sure if I am understanding your question? Rory toured the United States before and after IT74, and when I saw him. he was the headliner. He had opening acts on that tour. I was at the Long Beach Auditorium when Rory toured that year. Kiss opened for him, followed by Fleetwood Mac (Not with the original lineup though) It was a sold out concert. He was the headliner the following year at Santa Monica Civic, but I honestly can't remember who the opening acts were.

Rory was the kind of artist that loved to play, loved the creativity of it, and the energy of the audience. He didn't seem to place much stock in where in the lineup he stood, but most of the times when I saw him play, he was the headliner.

The 70's were particularly prolific for Rory.
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Re: Opening acts....

Postby capo » 24 Jun 2019, 22:12

In 1974 in the U.S. among the more well known bands who opened for Rory where Kiss and Rush.
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Re: Opening acts....

Postby Jay Jay » 25 Jun 2019, 12:03

Throughout my time seeing Rory live in the UK 70's & 80's. I can only remember two other bands Greenslade and Nazarath..
To be honest me and my friends were always in the bar and waited until the opening act were finish.
All we were interested in was to hear and see Rory Gallagher live on stage :)
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Re: Opening acts....

Postby Marquee 1983 » 25 Jun 2019, 13:10

Saw Eric Bell support Rory at Bradford Uni in 1981 and a band called Catch 22 supported Rory on UK Leg of Jinx tour
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