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Richard Newman

PostPosted: 01 Mar 2019, 17:57
by CiaSeattle
I've seen very little about Rory's final band, and it dosen't appear that any were interviewed for any of the books written about Rory. I have seen a couple of quotes in the Forum from an interview with Richard Newman done in 2013, so I thought I would post the whole portion of his comments about Rory.

“I did a few small projects for a while and then one day the phone rang with an invitation to work with Rory Gallagher. I was 26 and I didn't know much about Rory's work. But I went to meet him and he said he'd known my dad. We got on immediately. There was something very fierce about him, very passionate. Even more so than with Steve Marriott and that's saying something. Every gig we ever did was sold out; his fans were crazy about Rory. His agent's phone was constantly ringing with offers to play huge stadiums all over the world. I'd never seen anything like it; the biggest eye-opener of my life. Probably the best performances, the best nights I ever remember were with Rory on his 'Walkin' Blues Tour'. That was a real high point of my career.

“But the pressure on Rory was massive and he'd say to me, 'They just expect too much of me, you know'. They make people into icons but they demand so much back from them. Rory's refuge was drink. And he became increasingly sick and then died in 1995 after getting an infection following a liver transplant. It was a tragedy and Rory's death made me very sad. It was his own doing but I can understand why. He'd become a good friend and I could still see him as just the young lad from Donegal he always was; he stayed very down to earth.”

If you are interested in reading the entire interview, here's the link: ... -Interview