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My Gold Celtic Cross

PostPosted: 16 Nov 2018, 21:13
by Dwana Horner
When I woke up this morning- I thought I lost the gold Celtic cross with my Irish Grandfather's name etched on the back.
I was changing clothes when just the gold chain fell on the bed.
I freaked out thinking it was tangled in clothing, the sheet. I knew it didn't just fall off due to some weak part of the cross.
The chain is not very strong..that too is solid gold.

Ok I was prepared to think the cross was gone. I took a shower.
I changed to warmer clothing. I was thinking I'd buy another Celtic cross to replace it.
I sat on a chair to put on my tennis shoes.
I hear sort of a "bump" inside the left shoe, tipped it up and the cross slipped down to the back of the heel.
I freaked out and almost burst into tears.

Dont even ask me HOW that cross got into the shoe.
The tennis shoes are always next to the baseboard by the window in our bedroom.
Ok if this was my Irish grandfather doing this..someone who died when my late mother was five months old.. "THANK YOU!"
If this was "Rory" helping me look... I Thank You also.
( I have TWO Irishmen watching over me.

Re: My Gold Celtic Cross

PostPosted: 18 Nov 2018, 18:21
by SUBY1974
Thanks for sharing. Glad you found your gold celtc cross. Subrata.x