People like Rory with Rare RH negative blood

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People like Rory with Rare RH negative blood

Postby Robin Howells » 14 Sep 2018, 09:26

I’ve read many times that Rory was AB blood type, but I found a reference to him being AB-. I’m A-, the last twenty years ive come to accept my major quirks as part of being RH negative. No I don’t believe we’re of Alien blood or any of the weird things that’s put out there. That being said major traits of RH negs: High IQ, Blue, grey, or green eyes. High forehead or widows peak. Red or reddish brown hair. Highly emphatic, has a “mission” in life (very driven on things we love) We can be very in tune to how to read people. The downside is that we have a lot of insomnia and problems with OCD, anxiety and depression. I remember approaching my forty’s and really started to look at my life, I’m sure most of us do likewise. Rory had a lot of change in the 80’s. Donal got married, the music business got far worse for Rory and he had no good woman to keep him. Rory retreated into the same isolating habits that negatives pursue, reading, and art (we tend to like being alone). I got prescribed so many different pills for anxiety and depression they all just mask the problems. Having babies in my thirties gave me a purpose, I loved having kids. I knew that kids leave and I had to find new things to make me happy. The difference is I have a very loving and understanding husband, Rory was on his own. They say we’re a superstitious group of people and have very acute hearing. I read several interviews where he talks about Irish superstition and how the smallest noise would wake him. ALL negatives have very acute hearing, he said he put paper in the door jam so the noise wouldn’t wake him, all the noise from playing hadn’t diminished his hearing, amazing! We have so much more information now. Their are so many other things we know that was unknown then. I so glad for his music, but he’s far happier where he’s at. We were only supposed to have Rory for a short while.
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