Rory's Post Taste Set Lists and Beyond

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Rory's Post Taste Set Lists and Beyond

Postby capo » 07 Oct 2017, 15:50

I was pondering the fact recently that while Rory was a crowd pleasing performer and nearly always put his audience's wishes foremost, it is a remarkable fact that he stubbornly refused, until his dying day, to perform any of his classic Taste songs live, after the breakup. I don't count "Sinnerboy" or "At The Bottom" because they were never on any Taste albums proper and he played them just a few times live with Taste. It's a tangled mess, we all know about Eddie Kennedy's underhanded practices, and Rory did not want to see him make any more money off of him, but Rory wrote and owned those songs, yet even when he was clear of Kennedy's grip, he refused to play those songs, no matter how much his audience would call out for them. It begs the question, if Rory had lived, would we have never seen the Taste Isle Of Wight Dvd "Whats Going On"? How about the boxset "I'll Remember"? I suppose it's a question that maybe Donal could answer. I thought I remember Donal saying that while Rory recovered from surgery, they did discuss some future projects, like "Wheels Into Wheels", but I don't recall anything about Taste. Can anyone here shed some light on this. Do you think any of the recent Taste releases would have seen the light of day if Rory was still here?
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Re: Rory's Post Taste Set Lists and Beyond

Postby AnnaMaria » 08 Oct 2017, 10:20

I think Rory was depressed, sad, furious and angry of the whole Taste situation from the break up to his death. I think he just couldn´t get it out of his head and found it hard to forgive. He just decided he´ll never play the songs again and stuck with it. Ofcourse he said in interviews that Taste was a great band but that didn´t change his feelings inside.

I don´t think he would release Taste if he was still alive. Not only because of his feelings for the whole thing but also because he kept repeating in interviews how important it was for him to look forward all the time. He didn´t want to look back.
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Re: Rory's Post Taste Set Lists and Beyond

Postby SUBY1974 » 10 Oct 2017, 13:22

I don't think Rory would be too keen for the Taste material to be released, if he was still with us today. His spirit is with us. The ending of Taste was both a professional and personal blow for him and even in the 90s he wanted to move on from the Taste days. He said so in interviews. I don't think he was too keen to do the Taste reunion gig in Belfast in the early 90s and he could not do it due to his health. Rory did not live in past. He definitely liked to look forward and he learnt from his mistakes. All in all he was a positive person. Subrata. X
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