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Re: Rory’s parents divorced? Did he see Dad much?

PostPosted: 12 May 2018, 17:17
by Jay Jay
RobertaSparrow wrote:
Jay Jay wrote:Whatever happened with his Father Daniel Gallagher and Mother Monica Gallagher.. Thank them 'cause they sure did pass on their musical genes and ..
Gave us the Genius Guitarist musician that was "William RORY Gallagher" :)

Rory's Father Daniel Gallagher Grave.jpg

His grandmother passed within 2 weeks of her son? So sad.

Indeed Cynthia so sad :cry:.. and also only just over 20 years in between Rory and his father Daniel passing :( :(
With myself only just losing my father recently.. It brings home.. how fleeting and fast life is for us mortals and how the years go by so quickly.

Rock On For Rory Forever ;)