New Rory Radio Interview 1979 BBC Kid Jensen

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New Rory Radio Interview 1979 BBC Kid Jensen

Postby SUBY1974 » 28 Jul 2017, 16:06

Rory Gallagher - Interview 1979:
May have been posted before. Subrata.x
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Re: New Rory Radio Interview 1979 BBC Kid Jensen

Postby CiaSeattle » 28 Jul 2017, 18:37

It's lovely to hear Rory not having to answer the same inevitable interview questions ( how old were you when you started playing, etc.) and give his opinions on the music of that time. I could happily listen to Rory reading a dictionary, probably a girl thing there. :-) Thanks for posting Suby!
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Re: New Rory Radio Interview 1979 BBC Kid Jensen

Postby Faylool » 23 Sep 2017, 02:25

Yes. It wasn't a waste of his time like a little more than several other interviews to be found saved on YouTube including end of performance stuff to be found here and there. Over time and later in his career I notice he isn't all that relaxed. He's a little stammering and tense but still expressing the same kinds of things in the same sincere way. I don't like show business. It's great there are some who can put up with it.
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Re: New Rory Radio Interview 1979 BBC Kid Jensen

Postby SUBY1974 » 15 Oct 2017, 22:17

I really love this interview that Kid Jensen, Rory and Anne Nightingale did in 1979. Feels like it was just recorded yesterday! Its nice that for a change Rory did not have to answer the same old questions but this would have been a fresh change for him.
First all I can see Rory was a very busy man. He did a soundcheck for his concert that evening. Then he made his way to the radio station to give the interview and then that night he would be performing at the Odeon in Hammersmith. I like how he says to Kid Jensen he loves his Weetabix and that helps. :mrgreen: I still have my two Weetabix ,with soya milk every morning. It powers you up for the day. :mrgreen:
I like Kid Jenson, Rory and Anne's view on the tracks they played. I remember Blondie as a five year old, because my mum use to listen to that song on radio and I still like it. But I agree with Rory that music does not touch the subconscious today. I mean there are good songs but it doesn't move one. I am sure that was true back in 1979 and it is today in 2017, if not more so. :? Also Rory is right. The music industry follows a formula. So there were other up and coming artists who also sounded like Blondie as well!! :shock: There was a real change in music in the eighties with the electronic music and new wave bands. They were mainly my childhood sounds but i still love listening to the music from the 90s which I grew up with. Rory and his music always touches my soul.
I love Rory's sense of humour. He enjoyed doing this interview. Kid Jenson says that Rory and Blondie make a good couple in the black and white photo and Rory says "I have the scars to prove it". We all can see Rory's worried look on his face in that photo. :D.
They also talked about punk music and I like how Rory says its the New Testament of rock. The music still has that rocky edge to it.
Rory's humour also comes across for one of the bands who are wanting a hit. Rory says they should get banned and then they may get a hit. :mrgreen: I think the music industry back then and now love drama. Both Rory and Anne are supportive of bands that did covers of other 60s groups.
I will listen this interview again. I just love it. As always Rory comes across as a very warm, charismatic man and I love his sense of humour. Subrata.x
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