Why didn't Rory go back home to live in Ireland

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Re: Why didn't Rory go back home to live in Ireland

Postby Jay Jay » 13 Dec 2016, 13:25

Rory touring late '94, saying goodbye to his adoring French fans. Just a few months before he sadly passed away :(

folkdeejay wrote:Hi Jay Jay,
My post really was about what he did earlier in his career, which probably impacted on his later years on so many levels. It seems he was, by nature, thoughtful and introspective... hard to imagine him not dwelling on the 'what ifs' in quieter moments (who doesn't?) ... even if it was his decision not to 'play the game' in the first place.
Your comparison to Christy Moore is a good one - I saw CM play a few times before he really slowed things down, after a heart scare.... he does still play (even on the Pyrmaid stage at Glastonbury) since his illness - just not as much.

Hi DJ, agreed and seasons greetings.

Apologies for being quite blunt here but with hindsight and wisdom we can all see artists like Rory and Elvis what they did to themselves. With both of these two greats of 20th century music. It was no doubt, sadly self inflicted. Unfortunately in Rory's case though, as he not knowingly knew like we do now. The consequences of mixing hard prescribed drugs with alcohol.
That's why I go back to Rory's last year of heavy touring. Even though he was in his mid to late 40's. Lack of sleep for all those months with all the pills and drink mounting up. His body and mind must have been like a 60 plus year old inside especially IMHO. I'm that now (60+) but in fairly good shape and I have a struggle to go to watch and rock to two band gigs on the bounce. Never mind to perform also in them, like it used to be for me.. Dozens of gigs in Rory's case without a break.

12/22/1994 London GB Warner Chappell Studios GM Roberto Manes:
Phoenician Dream
1/5/1995 Geleen NL De Hanenhof
1/6/1995 Enschede-Hellendoorn NL De Vrijhof
1/7/1995 Amsterdam NL Paradiso Club
1/8/1995 Leeuwarden NL Harmonie
1/10/1995 Rotterdam NL Nighttown Rory collapses onstage
Mrc 1995 London GB Cromwell Hospital
4/1/1995 London GB King`s College Hospital Liver transplant
6/14/1995 London GB King`s College Hospital Day of death
8/14/2005 Monica Gallagher passes on

Looking at Rory's final month's schedule above. From December 22nd 1994 to January 5th 1995 there was that break. I was wondering if Rory did go back that Christmas time to Ireland that year? To spend what would have been his last Christmas in Cork with his mother Monica. Within this time spent together, would Monica seeing Rory in the shape he was in and having that motherly intuition, see that he was not in a very good state of health at all. Would she have tried to talk to Rory and persuade her son not to go ahead with this tour to Holland in the new year?? Can't you see with me saying this. He would have gotten out of the routine of pills and drink to fly back to London and the nervous stress pre gigs everyday... "A change is as good as a rest"... I've heard Donal say this in interviews after Rory's passing.. " I think Rory was looking for a change of direction in his career".

I think that's all it needed. If Rory would have stayed in Ireland that last Christmas it may have prolonged his life for maybe a few more years?

Going to Holland touring for Rory for another week was as I've heard Brendan O'Neill say sadly .. " The straw that broke the camel's back" :(

PS. DJ, before I forget, Sinnerboy played in your hometown @ Whittles for the first time this year. It was a fab gig with a great crowd of Rory fans :) If you missed it. They're playing again early next year 17/03/2017: Friday - Whittles 29 King Street Oldham OL8 1DP http://www.sinnerboy.co.uk ;)
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Re: Why didn't Rory go back home to live in Ireland

Postby Faylool » 05 Oct 2017, 21:40

My opinion about Brendan is positive. He actually seemed to understand Rory. I really hate to say this but Brendan is right in my opinion. Rory was ready to crash and burn....or die. Rory was too smart to not know what condition he was in and that his body was failing. He did the tour anyway
. It’s OK. That was his choice...not his brothers choice.
I don’t blame him one bit. I’m still outraged about the doctors. MAYBE he wouldn’t have “gone there” if he had good doctors because like I said before, cortisone, anxiety meds, Tylenol, resulting in liver distress which causes insomnia and the yo-yo deal. I’d like to repeat Be your own advocate. Be proactive not passive. Fight. Fans know how fisted and I mean it Rory was. Look at it this way. Rory was remarkable with acoustic and very touching songs. He sent strength and fight and forceful stuff with his electric playing.
That was Rory. He really meant business.
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