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Too Many Rory FB Sites / Pages????

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2016, 16:23
by Jay Jay
I should not be putting this topic up here really.. as I'm feeling a little hypocritical about it all in a way..
As I have 2 facebook pages dedicated to our Rory also :oops:

Plus I always said that the more sites and pages about Rory the merrier :) but now I've had second thoughts? There seems to me to be a new RG page or group starting every day, these past 6 months. Which makes it harder or even impossible to keep track of everyone and all the goings on :roll: Plus they are IMO just copies or clones of other Rory pages with same Rory fans / friends.

Is it just me? Or me getting old? Plus finding it harder to multi task also does not help these days???

Members here who are also on FB what are your thoughts? Do you think it is helping or diluting in a way Rory's legacy??

Rock On for Rory
Slainte, Jay Jay

Re: Too Many Rory FB Sites / Pages????

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2016, 16:41
by capo
I've changed my views on this. I used to think, the more Rory related sites, the better, the greater reach to new fans. But I tend to agree with Jay Jay now. It's been diluted and much of it is repetitive information and news.'I'm bias I guess, but I think this site is the only indispensable source for current news and events. We also have the smartest and most attractive members! ;) Peace.

Re: Too Many Rory FB Sites / Pages????

PostPosted: 11 Aug 2016, 20:50
by RobertaSparrow
Well, it's hard to quantify, I do see that the effect of all these Rory FB pages do seem to be affecting the activities on and interest in the Forum, but I admit, do peruse the FB pages as well. The FB pages are all hosted and overseen by others, ranging from Rory fans to people who worked with him or were friends of his, and there really are quite a few. Anyone can open a FB page, but FB ultimately exercises control over them.

A lot of people don't feel comfortable on Facebook, so we have members here that would never see most of those pages. I have collected information from these FB pages and re-posted the information here, as have other members, in an effort to keep information flowing to those folks.

The various Rory FB pages show a steady rotation of photos, YouTube videos, and fairly cursory one-or-two sentence comments. Nothing really very substantial, and for the most part, very little new to reveal. But it is a little faster than the Forum response rates. The biggest drawback and concern I have over these FB pages is that they are under the terms of Facebook, which is a major internet entity that has the final say in the existence of these pages. If you have a Facebook page, you can exchange info, chat with friends, re-post info, all that fun stuff, unless you inadvertently run afoul of Facebook's arbitrary and subjective rules, in which case your page can be taken down without notice and/or information lost, as I believe happened to one of Jay Jay's previous FB pages awhile back. So my biggest concern is, too much reliance on Facebook Pages may cause us to lose some of these Rory stories, photos, connections.

Other than that, the fact that there are so many Rory FB pages is just a fact of the current times. What can be done? I like to hope that Rory's official forum will always be around to "keep the flame."

And as with most FB pages, they are "in the moment." They are difficult to work with as far as archiving information, stories, ets. This site can be researched, older stories may be recovered with a few search terms. FB pages are not so flexible.

Re: Too Many Rory FB Sites / Pages????

PostPosted: 13 Aug 2016, 10:02
by ailish78
I find it really difficut to keep up with the Facebook stuff. It all goes too fast for me. However I did check out the audio recording of his masterclass on facebook and I haven´t seen that anywhere else. (incidently, could there not be a video or an audio recording release of this? To those of you who know Donal, could you please ask him?) I´d much rather have all the info concentrated in one place. I guess I´m getting old too. I´m on this site most of the time and occasionally on the official site, so yes, the facebook pages can be a little too much.