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Rory at the fleamarket

PostPosted: 06 Aug 2016, 16:11
by AnnaMaria
Went to a fleamarket out in the woods outside my town and found "Photofinish" on record. I haven´t even seen a record by Rory before so I bought it. It´s like a new one and it´s from -78.

The problem is that I haven´t got a recordplayer so I´ll give it to my son who´s just bought one. Now he´s taking all my records with him (Queen, Floyd, Purple, Sabbath, Vanilla Fudge, Cream, Velvet Underground, Dylan, Beatles, Stones, Rush, Clapton, Mountain, Marillion and many more)

By the way Photofinish cost the enormous amount of about 9 pounds.

Re: Rory at the fleamarket

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2016, 12:47
by Lee61
How cool finding an old Rory album like that. And as for your son, well at least he has good taste in music, that's a great collection he has! Hope you eventually
get them returned :)

Re: Rory at the fleamarket

PostPosted: 07 Aug 2016, 21:26
by AnnaMaria
Lee, to be honest I screamed when I saw the record :D

I´m very happy to have a son who likes the same kind of music as me. And I was surprised to hear that he and his friends at the uni listen alot to -70´s music.

Now, by buying the "Photofinish" album to him I´m going to get him into Rorys music by force. Once he´s there he will be addicted. :mrgreen: