Speaking of letters from the past...

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Speaking of letters from the past...

Postby CiaSeattle » 02 May 2016, 16:30

I was surfing the net looking for a particular Rory photo when I came across Rory's letter to Paul Fenton. I'd seen and read it before, but for some reason the date of the letter never registered until now, June 14th 1994. I had always felt that the tone of the letter was upbeat and positive, Rory looking ahead and talking about his new band. When I realized he would be gone exactly 1 year to the day after he wrote this, it moved me to tears.
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Re: Speaking of letters from the past...

Postby SUBY1974 » 02 May 2016, 19:34

Yes I have seen the letter too. In 1994 Rory was living at The Conrad and he seemed happier.
I feel he was looking forward to the future with his new band and seeing where his music would go.
Around this time in the 90s there was a small blues explosion. In the 90s you could switch the radio on and hear all kinds of great music. Rory was obviously exploring folklore music and rock and roll more during this period.
The birth of internet in 1995 would have opened new avenues for Rory as an independent artist.
He was only 46 but he had become a more mature, confident player. He mentioned the two albums of rock and roll and folklore music in a couple of interviews around this time.
He sounded hopeful and was looking forward to new projects. He had already worked on the Peter Green album.
In his last interview for RTE, he did say he wanted to grow and learn more. He wanted to do well for other people. It's sad we never got to see anymore gems this gifted, humble man had to offer his fans. Subrata.x
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Re: Speaking of letters from the past...

Postby RobertaSparrow » 03 May 2016, 05:05

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Re: Speaking of letters from the past...

Postby ailish78 » 03 May 2016, 08:21

Thank you so much for that link Cynthia. I will read it later and I know I've seen some of those photos before. Wasn't Paul Fenton's wife lucky? Rory looks good here :)
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