Rory and a Touring Rhythm Player?

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Re: Rory and a Touring Rhythm Player?

Postby RobertaSparrow » 16 Mar 2016, 10:56

folkdeejay wrote:Never heard that acoustic tune before.

Silly question - and it has a slightly Wheels within wheels sound to the phrasing I guess - but IS THAT HIM ? The solo doesn't sound much like RG at all. Maybe he accompanied a guest player who took the leads...

Unusual. Thanks for posting.

I agree it does sound atypical. I found it on YouTube, courtesy of Steve Cresswell, the admin of Roryweb, I would be inclined to question it as well, because it is so very unusual, but since its source is the collection in RW I accept it as genuine. It is attributed to a collection, Tasting the Fairfield, and when I asked him, Steve referred me to a link he had posted to this very site on August 2011-

"According to the Rory Videography it's listed as 14/03/1970 - BAFF TV Show From German TV WDF - Rory played "Catfish" & "Acoustic Ocean" - So footage has been recorded

There is reason to believe that this footage does still exist in the archive of German tv station WDR (WDF). Mainly because German tv had a far less radical wiping policy if compared to the BBC e.g. I once contacted Daniel G. about the matter and gave him all information I had (including that, I believe, Christian Wagner, who later was involved in Rockpalast, was the producer/director and should be the right person to get in touch with). That was the last time I heard something about it. I have no idea whether it could be recovered from the WDR vault in the mean time, but I still believe it should be there.
This said I'm also 95% sure that there is a video bootleg of that performance circulating, though obviously it's still pretty damn rare. It's got to be out there, I have seen it on various trade lists."

It is obviously two guitars, and that is unusual in itself, and I had presumed it was recorded in a studio and overdubbed, Rory on both guitars, but Steve said it is a live recording. Steve's theory is that it was Richard McCraken on the second guitar. It goes without saying, I would love to see that video, if it is out there somewhere.

The video would be quite a treat to see, Rory and another guitarist. I regret that no one asked Richard McCracken about it. I wonder if anyone has asked John Wilson about that recording?

And a big thank you to Steve for helping shed light on this very unusual, rather haunting, piece of music.
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Re: Rory and a Touring Rhythm Player?

Postby Shin Kicker » 21 Mar 2016, 13:21

RobertaSparrow wrote:Was there ever a time in Rory's career when he would have benefited live from a rhythm guitarist on stage with him???? Someone who could allow Rory to explore the lead guitar & vocals/harmonica/sax without the constant pressure of filling the sound out with rhythm playing?

Interesting question. IMHO I would say generally no. When recording as a trio, he kept the rhythm guitar parts behind his solos rather simple so Gerry could carry that part on stage. It would sound fuller on stage if he had a rhythm guitar in some cases of course, for example Bad Penny but, for the most part, his recording techniques were constrained by how he would play that song live. I suspect the reason he kept his arrangements so sparse was so the song would translate well to the stage.

I think the more interesting question would be: what if he recorded with a rhythm guitarist? That would allow him to explore more complex arrangements. Consider the tracks he contributed to Rattlesnake Guitar. Those are arguably his best recordings. I can't help thinking those are especially good because he felt free to stretch out on them because he knew he wouldn't have to worry about how to play them on stage. Imagine if he had recorded his own songs with arrangements as ambitious as he used on those tracks?
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