Top Ten Irish Love Songs Of All Time

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Re: Top Ten Irish Love Songs Of All Time

Postby CiaSeattle » 14 Feb 2016, 18:45

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Re: Top Ten Irish Love Songs Of All Time

Postby SUBY1974 » 15 Feb 2016, 16:46

I am so pleased with this piece of good news. It was whilst listening to "I Fall Apart" that I became a disciple of Rory's. That song did something to my psyche. Its a beautiful song. So many people let Rory down in his life. I can relate to that but then others have continued to support him and his music. Like his fans. One thing I see from Rory's life, when life and people let me down, he learnt from that and moved on. I like that about him. I think he was and is a positive person. However like him, I do have trust issues. I socialise with people but keep them at at distant. That includes even the closest to me. As Rory would know, "life" can make you like that. Subrata.x The young Russian girl is very good. I love her version of I Fall Apart. I love Sinnerboy's version of the song when we are at their gigs.
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Re: Top Ten Irish Love Songs Of All Time

Postby Chris OK » 24 Feb 2016, 17:04

That is great how Rorys, I Fall Apart is number 1. Thank you for the link of the young lady doing her own version. It appears she made the whole background music along with her leads and vocals herself. Fantastic Rory being discovered by the youth of our world. I am still waiting and know it will happen Rory will have a smash hit, but by a young vocalist or band. He wrote so many top 10 songs, he did not realize it. Soon my fellow Rory followers, soon........

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