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What if's?

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2016, 19:00
by CiaSeattle
When I have time, I've been reading the older posts. We all have wondered what would have happened if Rory had taken a different route here and there, so I'd like to throw out another. As we all know, Peter Grant was helpful getting Rory out of some contractual entanglements when he first went solo. I wonder what Rory's career would have been like if he had signed on with Grant? Grant may have been a right ba$£ard in some areas, but no one was more dedicated to his artists and he made some pretty major changes in the industry regarding the way they were treated and paid.

Of course I have no idea if the offer was ever made, and I mean absolutely NO disrespect to Donal, he did and continues to do an amazing job. Just wondering out loud, I guess.

Re: What if's?

PostPosted: 07 Feb 2016, 19:20
by RobertaSparrow
As I understand it Peter Grant did advise Donal and Rory, and helped Rory sort out that fiasco with Kennedy. And I believe the offer was made to manage Rory, but the awful experience with Taste's management left scars, and I don't think Rory ever trusted anyone fully after that, with the exception of his devoted brother.

In the realm of quantum physics, though, one could argue that in some of those infinite multiverses, Rory did sign on with Grant, and is a household name like Hendrix and Clapton. :D

Re: What if's?

PostPosted: 09 Feb 2016, 14:46
by SUBY1974
As Einstein said just because he could not see the moon behind the clouds does not mean its not there ( quantum physics). Subrata. ;) :mrgreen: :mrgreen: