After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

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After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby Jay Jay » 24 Jan 2016, 11:16

It's all gone quiet on here and it seems to me on the Rory future recordings releases..
Of which you can understand after the long awaited brilliant "Taste Live @ The Isle of Wight" and the Taste box set "I'll Remember" releases last year.
Are we running out of recordings and film of our musical hero Rory Gallagher? That can be produced by Donal & Daniel, to be put out for more future..
Rory Gallagher gems??

Your thoughts and suggestions please

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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby RobertaSparrow » 24 Jan 2016, 13:40

I know what you mean, Jay Jay. For me it has been a Rory year, visiting Ballyshannon then Cork, and I saw and felt Rory everywhere I went while I was there. Then the IOW videos and Taste releases.

It has been quiet. I don't know exactly why. The first two-thirds of this year were amazing for me anyway. And then there was the emotional downside of, what happens now?

I wanted so much to be able to do it again, but I lost my job this week, so that won't happen.

As for new Rory events, I look forward to Donal releasing his book. And I'll be first in line if there are any new previously unreleased Rory discoveries. And of course I will always be one of Rory's loyal fans and keeper of the flame.

Last year was an intense year, an incredible high, and finished for me with a crashing back to earth. We'll see what this year brings.

Always hopeful :mrgreen:

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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby capo » 24 Jan 2016, 13:47

Well, next year will be the 45th anniversary of Rory's "Live In Europe". Why not an expanded box set, not as expansive as "Irish Tour", but similar. So many great early songs like "I'll Fall Apart" and others have never been given the proper live release. Also, i've mentioned elsewhere, Rory surely wrote new songs after "Fresh Evidence" and may have set them down on tape, even rough demos. Can these not be released, primitive as they may be? Rory also, as we know, performed many cover songs in concert, why not a live album of his best cover songs? There's a few ideas. Peace.
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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby AnnaMaria » 24 Jan 2016, 18:56

Oh yes, Rorys best covers. Love to hear "When you´ll be mine" and "Just a Little bit" in that slow version.
And I´d love to read Donals book about his brother.
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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby RobertaSparrow » 24 Jan 2016, 20:55

Rory did an electric version of Too Much Alcohol on the Japanese tour that is just amazing. A friend sent me the bootleg. That one is good enough to be polished up a bit and released as a single. That's another thing, Rory never cared much for singles, but some of his music is timeless, if some of it could be used in film or TV it could make it back into the charts. There is a lot of material out there that was never intended for release because it was live and taped surreptitiously, but it captures Rory in all his creative glory, and in retrospect I am so glad someone did that. Now to get some of those gems cleaned up a bit and put before the public.

I would still hope to see some of the new wave of upcoming young rock and blues artists to pick Rory's songs and make them their own. Music is a living entity, and each artist can breathe new life into it.
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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby phrob » 25 Jan 2016, 03:50

I would love to see some of more common tv appearances be remastered and released, such as the 2 march 1976 Old Grey Whistle Test show, the COMPLETE version of Hammersmith jan 1977, karrusell special 1980, Belfast 1984, theres SO MANY good ones to choose from, Paris 71 and the list goes on.... I hope Donal has the rights to these films so they can be released in great quality!!
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Re: After TASTE IOW ~ What's Next ??

Postby SUBY1974 » 26 Jan 2016, 14:02

Rory had a 32 year professional music career. He also lived the musician's life 24/7. There must be loads of precious Rory gems out there. Rory himself will lead us to it. So I am not worried about the "well" running dry. Subrata. X
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